A slap in the face for licence-payers as BBC Scotland sheepishly put Labour hearsay above an official statement but some SNP fightback?

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Yesterday’s BBC Scotland headline story repeated throughout the day was one version or another of:

‘Former NHS Tayside chief executive ‘received £300,000’ pay-off. NHS Tayside’s former chief executive received a final financial package of more than £300,000, an MSP has claimed. Labour MSP Jenny Marra said the “golden handshake” was a “slap in the face” for the people of Tayside.’


Notice the careful use of speech mark in the headline but their abandonment in the main text of the website version. The broadcast versions, of course, lacked any such subtlety and the message for viewers was bleated clearly – SNP baaaaaahhhhd!  Detecting a pattern, this tweet simplified it for us:


Notably, however, a senior SNP minister entered the fray, condemning the BBC in the way many of us had despaired of them doing previously:


 Jeane Freeman did not, of course, get the chance to headline her protest to a mass broadcast audience and we must hope the 600 plus retweets have pushed the message beyond SNP membership.

In the wake of the exposure of the BBC attempting to close down pro-independence Youtube sites on copyright ‘contraventions’ while ignoring the same by other sites, the above story is no surprise to most of us and follows numerous ‘fake news’ and no-news stories, just in 2018, reported here, aimed at damaging by association the Scottish Government.

IMPORTANT: Readers with health problems are advised not to look at the length of this list (43!)  before sitting down with a stiff drink.

1.      Massive Fraseresque ‘BUTLIST’ from BBC Scotland to downplay business success

2.      Update: BBC analysis wrong? Scotland’s A&E departments infinitely better than those in non-Scottish parts yet BBC Scotland pounce on stats like a starved rat

3.      Scottish prescriptions costs ‘soaring’ 0.1% above inflation warn BBC, Scotsman and iNews

4.      Is BBC Scotland exploiting patients with mental health problems to construct an ill-founded attack on NHS Tayside?

5.      BBC Scotland and BMA collude to produce a classic NHS scare story based on shoddy, unreliable, research

6.      BBC UK silent on the Tory child rapist and the Tory serial child sex offender yet Reporting Scotland offer all-day headline coverage of the SNP MSP’s inappropriate text

7.      Scottish Government announces that poverty gap is closing. BBC Scotland ignores it

8.      Retired Professor fails BBC Reporting Scotland Editor on Organised Crime research

9.      Retired Professor stumps BBC Scotland Acting Temporary Deputy Head of News, Current Affairs and Royal Babies on Obesity

10.  Racial hate crime continues to fall in Scotland as it soars in England and Wales, but BBC Scotland finds suitable distraction

11.  Top professor suggests top psychiatrist was taken advantage of by BBC Scotland’s ambulance chasers

12.  ‘Hearse-chasers?’ BBC Scotland scare ‘investigation’ finds 0.04% of dead bodies being left in hospital mortuaries

13.  How many GANGSTERS are preying on the financial fears of pensioners? BBC Scotland and Herald care not, as long as they can scare us

14.  Scottish Fire and Rescue Service making ‘steady progress’ that is ignored by BBC Scotland’s scare story

15.  More students from the most deprived parts of Scotland are entering Higher Education but, once again, BBC Scotland attempts to mislead us

16.  Off we go? Within days of Scottish independence debate restart, BBC Scotland attempt to deceive and to create fear on drug treatment figures

17.  BBC Scotland High Heidyin, Sarah Smith, ponders why a fire won’t light when she and her kind have denied it oxygen

18.  BBC Scotland lie and distort to try again to spread violent crime crisis into Scotland despite it having only 3.5% of the gangs for 8% of the population, falling levels of violent crime and because of falling levels of fear of crime?

19.  BBC Scotland hiding Britain’s exploitation of Scotland. EU Money specifically for Scottish hill farmers given to English farmers?

20.  Scottish Government makes 200 European links in effort to counter damage from Tory hard Brexit. BBC Scotland says: ‘eh, what, when?’

21.  BBC Scotland News misuses research findings to lie and scare about drug use in Scotland

22.  BBC Scotland News and Print Journalism on Scottish policing: ‘Forces’ in crisis?

23.  Despite SNP, Labour and Tories (!) getting together to fully fund huge expansion of early learning and childcare, BBC Scotland try to deny all of it with out-of-date comment

24.  BBC Scotland and Herald warn that paediatricians can’t carry on despite 64% increase in paediatric specialists under SNP administration and 8.7% fall in the birth rate.

25.  £13.8 million in support for bereaved families from……? BBC Scotland, who is it from? Could it be from the Scottish Government? Don’t want to say?

26.  The Power of Early Morning Nightmares: Waking up to BBC Scotland and learning to fear an independent future: 18th April 2018

27.  BBC Scotland talks-down the Scottish economy: Bias by omission, language choices and a Rev IM Jolly delivery

28.  Scottish Chambers of Commerce describe First Minister’s trip to China as ‘successful’. BBC Scotland polish their bias-by-omission skills.

29.  How BBC’s Douglas Fraser manages to talk down Scotland’s economy using out-of-date facts and past-it thinking

30.  There are 12% more health visitors, in one year, in Scotland! Will somebody tell BBC Scotland, the Scotsman and the Herald?

31.  BBC News tries to spread knife crime crisis into Scotland to tell us: ‘You’re no different. Don’t get any ideas!’

32.  Lib Dems, Tories and Labour take turns to help Scotsman, STV and BBC Scotland cast unjustified doubt on successes of Police Scotland, as crime plummets regardless

33.  SNP administration doesn’t rest on earlier success of child health strategies but BBC Scotland try to give credit to Labour.

34.  As hate crime falls in Scotland and soars elsewhere, STV and BBC Scotland report fake news of an increase

35.  BBC Scotland website gets it right once more after Jackie bird deliberately gets it wrong, as usual.

36.  BBC Scotland uses a handful of anecdotes from only three customers to suggest ScotRail has serious problems that are not evident from proper research

37.  As NHS staffing climbs, Labour co-ordinate anti-SNP propaganda in Herald, Scotsman, BBC and STV on nursing and midwifery staffing

38.  BBC Scotland’s wilful mis-represenation on literacy levels

39.  BBC Scotland’s shameless attempt to scare with claim that Scottish hospital has cladding ‘similar’ to that of Grenfell revealing ignorance of Scottish building regulations.

40.  BBC Scotland and STV News attempt to mislead us on Higher Education application rates from ‘poorest areas’ and former mathematics teacher Iain Gray fails to add them up properly for them.

41.  How to make a ‘potentially massive’ oil find one that ‘isn’t a big find’? Just lie, omit and minimise. Ask BBC Scotland.

42.  Scottish Government pledges £60 million to maintain its confirmed UK and European lead in low-carbon innovation but BBC Scotland News reports unsubstantiated rumours that ‘Budget cuts ‘could damage Scotland’s climate change ambitions’’

43.  ‘Ambulance-chasers’* BBC Scotland digs up fake news as Scotland’s ambulance services disappoint them by coping well with the winter surge in demand

I’ll stop there in January 2018.



10 thoughts on “A slap in the face for licence-payers as BBC Scotland sheepishly put Labour hearsay above an official statement but some SNP fightback?

  1. Brian Powell August 7, 2018 / 10:19 am

    I wonder if it has ever occurred to Labour that if the SNP went down all of this would turn against Labour.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Les Wilson August 7, 2018 / 11:10 am

    Well we know what to expect from the EBCs, looking at your list John, they do not disappoint do they!
    Can’t wait for the day we can tell them to piss off and we will have our own national Broadcaster.

    Thanks for all your hard work John, must be hard to keep up with all their lies and misdirection.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Judith Delissen August 7, 2018 / 5:37 pm

    Makes good reading. I was sure I had heard most of these lies, it was good to see it in print. The same can be said of the exam results today. Plenty of repeating that the results were not as good as last year ‘slightly down’.When the English results come in the reporting time is taken up with interviewing pupils screaming as they see their results, Jackie Bird announced right st the beginning ‘results are in across Scotland and are down for the second year running’ Just now Jackie Bird at it again asking Jamie McIvor if the fall in passes was causing concern

    Liked by 1 person

    • Davy S August 8, 2018 / 9:02 am

      Thanks John. Great that this material is being archived. 2018 Higher pass rate down by 0.2% while advanced higher pass rates improved slightly. They have to work so hard to find a bad news story. Interesting that STV did not take such a negative line and instead went down the results were similar to last year route. I think there is sufficient material in the last week alone to confirm continued high levels of bias and hostility. Hopefully this will be highlighted at the BBC Bias Protest, at Pacific Quay on Saturday.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. tcrosbie20 August 8, 2018 / 11:50 am

    Absolutely brilliant Prof, honestly the BBC have the biggest brass neck there is, the lies and duplicity are quite breathtaking. Do they not even feel the slightest bit of journalistic integrity or even a slightest
    pang of conscience ?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Robert Graham August 8, 2018 / 11:24 pm

    Not content with flogging a Labour MSPs opinionated guff, up pops a Tory demanding an inquiry I wonder what mileage they expect out of this fresh approach , After last weeks embarrassing intervention by the BBC in London behind BBC Scotlands back you might have imagined hostilities might have stopped for a while, oh silly us ,the controlling management at Pacific Heights are beyond any type of change, It has to be made clear to the staff who are wholly complicit in the news output of the BBC in Scotland when we finally chose independence, the very next day their employment, pension rights etc are the sole concern of their employers the Westminster government, Petty , Vindictive yep spot on bugger this truth and reconciliation tripe, a one way ticket to join their friends in the south is the best they can expect .

    Liked by 2 people

  6. twathater August 9, 2018 / 4:56 pm

    Yes Robert Graham , and the excuse ( they made me dae it ) will be akin to the gestapo excuse , there may be people outraged by my reference to that abhorrent regime , but if you look at the deliberate lies , obfuscation and misinformation directed at the people of Scotland by this organisation , all in an attempt to further enslave our country and people to a brutal , corrupt , unfeeling , amoral cabal of imbeciles , they have actively engaged in suppressing and falsifying news to benefit and support the wastemonster establishment , aiding and abetting the willful starvation and abuse of children and the disabled , demonising and denigrating furriners and the unemployed . Yes this organisation is complicit in ALL these things by it’s omissions and lies

    Liked by 1 person

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