Another Fine British Bromance in the Tory Camp?

Remember this?


Perhaps inspired by that fine young Scottish guy in TV’s ‘The Bodyguard’, Ross Thomson seemed to have pledged selfless loyalty to Tory succession candidate, Boris ‘the Bear’ Johnson. Now Steven Kerr, MP for….? I don’t know, has come out for Michael Gove:


Steven is a long-time admirer of Michael ‘the Teddy Bear’ Gove and is clearly a prophet of his future greatness, describing him last year as ‘man-of-the moment!’

Michael was very impressed? Will he be needing his own man at the Governor’s office?





Survation/Daily Mail EU Sub-poll puts SNP at 50% and Farage at 6%. How will they spin that?


No surprise, they don’t mention Scotland at all. With a sample size of 1 000, over-18s only, but a tiny Scottish sub-sample of 58, on 17th May, we get:


So, it’s not reliable at all on its own and with Labour at 25%, seems a bit more out-there. Regarding the SNP and Brexit figures, the Ipsos MORI one for 10th to 14th May 2019 gave:

  • Con 7%
  • Lab 16%
  • LibDem16%
  • SNP 42%
  • Green 8%
  • UKIP 2%
  • Brexit 8%

6% or 8%, it matters little to the MSM of course:


92% increase in number of average energy efficiency homes in Scotland


Bill Bowman (North East Scotland) (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party) asked the Scottish Government what action it has taken to improve the average band D Energy Performance Certificate rating in the residential housing sector.

Kevin Stewart provided this information:

  1. By the end of 2021, we will have allocated over £1 billion pounds since 2009 on tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency.
  2. This year alone we have allocated £145 million to improving the energy efficiency of Scotland’s building stock.
  3. 46% of dwellings were rated C or better in 2017, up from 24% in 2010.
  4. The number of dwellings rated below band D reduced from 27% in 2010 to 13% in 2017.

Earlier reports on progress in this respect are:

Once more the SNP’s progressive housing policies are helping Scotland weather the storm of Tory austerity

In an announcement on the 13th March, a group called ‘Warmworks’ claimed much credit for a ‘scheme for fuel poor hitting its 5K-customer milestone, a boost for jobs and skills in Scotland and balancing efficiency and support. ‘Warmworks Scotland’ has just…

SNP Government launches new fuel poverty pilot scheme to enhance existing scheme which has already improved 100 000 homes.

22 rural households will take part in a pilot project designed to find ways of reducing fuel poverty. The pilot will take 12 months and £300 000 will be invested in it.  Advisers from Home Energy Scotland (HES)…

SNP Government leads the way again, on high energy efficient homes for Scotland

© I’ve been writing plenty about the robust health and future prospects of Scotland’s renewables and oil & gas energy sectors. Of course energy efficient homes are another important part of the overall strategy.


Not Reporting Scotland: 8% of the population but 85% of independent renewables projects are in Scotland


There’s another headline Reporting Scotland should have chosen. With a somewhat under-stated headline, Power Technology, reported today:

‘Scotland led investment in independent renewable projects in Great Britain (GB) last year, according to the seventh annual Energy Entrepreneurs report by energy group SmartestEnergy. Out of the £158m invested in 80 projects across GB in 2018, more than £116m was invested in Scotland (73.4%). The report found that 85% of new, independent renewable projects were established in Scotland. Out of a total of 329MW of new installations, 276MW was added in Scotland, compared with 49MW in England and 4MW in Wales. There are 1,239 independent renewable projects in Scotland which generate £500m worth of electricity per year. Scotland is also a leader in independent energy storage, with a 36% share of the 4.9GW in the energy storage planning system.’

Reporting Scotland ‘waste’ opportunity to headline this REAL NEWS of Scotland’s major success!

(c) The Engineer

Well down the ‘page’ in Insider today, this candidate for headlining, across the Scottish media

‘Scotland exports renewables expertise to 72 countries’

That’s newsworthy isn’t it. It’s been a few years since I worked with first-year BA journalism students, but I feel they’d have been all over that one:

‘Jamie! 72! That’s going in the headline!’

Here’s an extract from the Insider piece. Let me know if you hear about it anywhere else in our NoMedia:

Bottom of Form

More than 70 countries across the world are benefiting from Scotland’s knowledge of renewable energy, a survey suggests. Industry body Scottish Renewables found that businesses have exported renewable energy goods or services to a total of 72 countries. The most popular export destination was the US, with nine of the 15 Scottish headquartered businesses which responded to the survey exporting to the States. This was followed by Canada, Germany, Ireland and Sweden, equally, with eight companies exporting to each country. Renewables exports to other countries include Afghanistan, Angola, Brazil, Fiji, Kazakhstan and Singapore.’


PROPAGANDA ALERT: Reporting Scotland’s editor CHOOSES to headline Tory’s playground ‘NAH-NAH’ response on climate


Nah nah Nicola! I don’t need any policies when I can just complain about yours!

Just after a BBC 1 report on incontinence, we hear that the Scottish Tories have revealed something to BBC Scotland:

‘Hospital waste from … (embarrassed hesitation?) … Scotland, is being sent to Wales for disposal after the collapse of a scandal-hit firm, the Conservatives have revealed. The Tories say sending the waste to Wrexham makes a gimmick of the First Minister declaring a climate emergency.’

Remember that an editor decided to headline this story because the Tories suggested it was a story and because it fits the agenda. S/he approved the link being made between a serious government policy statement and a company doing what any company in the borderless UK, apparently loved by both the BBC and the Tories, can do, trade within those borders. Did the Tories consider that this might actually be an example of the UK’s ‘broad shoulders’ which they often enthuse about? There is no real story, at an adult level, here but only a childish equivalent of:

‘Ah hah! You said your family were going vegan, but I saw your mum buying dog food!’

This is naked propaganda.

The Tories, like Labour, have allowed Westminster to dump the most horrific waste in Scotland for at least 100 years!

The SG report is here:

The Global Climate Emergency – Scotland’s Response: Climate Change Secretary Roseanna Cunningham’s statement:



Third poll puts Indy parties at 50% and SNP at 53 Westminster seats


This is the third sub-poll where the only differences can be seen in the map for England and Wales.

From Ipsos MORI for 10th to 14th May 2019:

  • Con 7%
  • Lab 16%
  • LibDem16%
  • SNP 42%
  • Green 8%
  • UKIP 2%
  • Brexit 8%

As with the previous two, the SNP takes 53 and the Lib Dems appear to take 5 (?) I can’t see what the 59th is in the Flavible map but I’m sure it’s not Mundell! As for the Brexit/UKIP damage, the Tories seem to pay the price here by themselves.