There are 12% more health visitors, in one year, in Scotland! Will somebody tell BBC Scotland, the Scotsman and the Herald?

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BBC Scotland News, early this morning, were keen to scare young mothers, the elderly and relatives, with tales of unfilled health visitor vacancies. It reminded me of other early morning nightmares on BBC:

The Power of Early Morning Nightmares and Expectant Mothers: BBC Scotland callously undermines the morale of midwives, their patients, expectant mothers and their relatives, with highly selective and un-contextualised information

The Scotsman and the Herald joined in with

‘Health visitor vacancies up 50 per cent in a year amid ageing workforce fears’

‘Health visitor vacancy rates on the rise as target looms’

That ‘vacancies up by 50%’ bit does sound a bit worrying at first but when you get a bit of context, it fades.

There were 1 448 Health visitors as of December 2017, 12.1% up on 2016. Could that have been the headline instead BBC? If not, why not? Too encouraging I suppose.

There were 144 health visitor posts unfilled in December 2017, up from 93 in 2016. Ideally, they would be filled, but a 10% shortfall, against the background of nearly 160 new health visitors in one year, it looks less than a crisis. NHS England, as far as I can see, do not publish separate figures for health visitors as responsibility for commissioning them was transferred to Local Authorities in October 2015:

How to deal with troublesome targets – pass responsibility to someone else or, as in A&E, abandon them altogether?


3 thoughts on “There are 12% more health visitors, in one year, in Scotland! Will somebody tell BBC Scotland, the Scotsman and the Herald?

  1. Ludo Thierry April 12, 2018 / 7:47 pm

    These ‘newspapers’ are really turning into comics by the day.

    Given the general gloom in the wider news (have the idiots gone to war yet?) can I offer a couple of amusing items I have noticed today (completely off topic – but both slightly related to the importance of checking names carefully):

    Item 1 is the headline from The Jouker’s column in the National – it’s a cracker!: ‘Couple receive Tory donation plea addressed to ‘Mr F*ckingjoking’ ‘ – With party organisation like this behind her how can Col. ‘Harrison’ fail to wrest the keys of No. 10 from Treeza?

    Item 2 is (edited) from the beeb N. Ireland page:

    Dublin lord mayor beats Israel ban due to ‘spelling error’

    Israel has launched an investigation into how the lord mayor of Dublin got into the country despite a ban.

    The interior ministry announced on Tuesday that Mícheál Mac Donncha would not be allowed to enter on account of his ties to a pro-Palestinian group which advocates boycotting Israel.

    Israel’s interior minister tweeted on Tuesday that Mr Mac Donncha was coming to Israel to “incite against us”, adding: “He won’t come in!”

    However, shortly afterwards the mayor tweeted to say he was already in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

    The interior ministry initially told the Haaretz newspaper that Mr Mac Donncha had arrived before his name was added to a watch list.

    But the ministry later admitted that the mayor had been allowed to pass through Tel Aviv airport because authorities misspelt his name.
    A spokesperson said: “We made a mistake at the border crossing.”

    Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said the mayor would now be given a letter upon his departure informing him that he was barred from future entry to Israel.

    Strikes this reader that Israeli Interior Minister Aryah Deri should learn a wee bit of political wisdom and remember that famous adage – ‘when one is in a political hole the sensible step is to stop digging’. Well done Mr. Lord Provost of Dublin – a rather neat manoeuvre if I may make so bold.

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  2. gavin April 13, 2018 / 8:10 am

    The triumvirate of Brit Nat agitprop “news” outlets would only learn of increased health visitors in Scotland if a Scotory or Scotlabour “citizen journalist” fed them the story—then it would be front page/news of the day.
    Obviously good news in a Scottish context would never be promulgated by any of the Red or Blue appendages of the Governor Generals office in Dover House/Melville Crescent (where much of the “news” originates).


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