Do we need to talk about the SNP leadership, now?

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I’ve been a ‘stout’ proponent of the primacy of party unity in the face of our common enemies but there has to be a limit to my tolerance of immorality, and I’ve reached it.

It pains me to write this.

I’ve just finished reading:


It’s an impressive but deeply disturbing work in which, not only are the First Minister’s aides exposed as dishonest and frankly evil in their intentions but, I’m afraid to say, Nicola Sturgeon seems to have been more than a bystander in these disgraceful machinations against the former First Minister, Alex Salmond.

Here are some of the key arguments:

  1. The FM seems to have lied in her defence of her permanent secretary and the investigator.
  2. The FM was aware that Salmond was being stitched up.
  3. The FM’s chief of staff is the likely source of the leak to the Daily Record.
  4. The FM’s feminism is distorting her political judgement .

The last-mentioned feminism brings me to a concern I’ve held for some time, that the FM’s world view with particular regard to foreign policy and the role of the US in it, is ‘Atlanticist’, as in the views of Gordon Brown and most Blairites. Worse still, it is hawkish as in those who support Hilary Clinton.

During the last US presidential election campaign, the FM, came out in explicit support of Clinton. I was horrified. Clinton is an evil, self-serving, utterly corrupt hawk whose actions, had she won, would have resulted in even greater carnage in the Middle East as she led US intervention against her personal foe, Putin. The monstrous Trump’s isolationism, even limited by the US establishment as it has been, may well have saved the lives of thousands of women.

I wrote this, at the time, to the FM only to be fobbed of by one of her aides:

Letter to First Minister Sturgeon re her support for Hillary Clinton

I did my best to forget this as I walked the streets carrying ‘I’m with Nicola’ stuff to push through letterboxes. Then she did it again, tweeting enthusiastically that we should all have a look at the new book by Henry Kissinger! Henry Kissinger? A man of such monstrous horrors including the illegal bombing of and mass deaths in Cambodia? See this for more detail.

Once more, I suppressed it and returned to focus on the greater cause but, for a reason now clear to me, Salmondgate, the puss-filled wound has re-opened. The FM is prepared to support any feminist position utterly regardless of even the most nauseating considerations. She could have said nothing about the US presidential elections, and she need not have reviewed the Kissinger book, but she did both because she believed it was correct to do so.

It would be wrong of me to patronise her with excuses as I seem to have been doing -ageism? She supported Clinton because feminism trumps anything or, worse still, because she agrees with the Atlanticist position uncritically supporting the US in its interventions. Did she pick this up from Glasgow University? Were they feeding the students with US exceptionalism in the 1980s, just as they previously fed my history teachers with British exceptionalism and Scottish history curricula, as late as the 1950s? Remember, they nurtured the dread Niall Ferguson.

Her enthusiasm for the Kissinger book was because he exonerates the equally psychopathic and hawkish Madeleine Albright, she of: ‘The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq’s non-existent WMD’s!’

Does the FM applaud women, any women, achieving high position, regardless of the deeds they do? It seems she does.

I joined the SNP as an anti-imperialist first and foremost. I think my values are widely shared across the Yes movement and in the party. Are the First Minister’s?






Unemployment in Scotland almost 4% just like in the UK?


In November 2018, unemployment in Scotland was at 3.6%, down 0.2% on the previous quarter and below the figure for the UK as-a-whole, of 4%. Should that 3.6% be rounded up to almost 4%, making the level the same across the UK, as BBC’s Graham Stewart insisted to me, on rail fares, is normal practice?

This aligns with other good news on employment reported here:

New Moray Wind Farm to create ‘hundreds of local jobs’ as Scottish wind power breaks records

Have Scottish Government’s Small Business Bonus rates enabled up to seven in ten private sector jobs?

‘The number of finance jobs in Scotland grew by nearly 7% in the past year. That’s a faster pace than any other part of the UK’ says BBC Scotland (!)

Scotland’s has two ‘unicorns’ and digital tech sector jobs are up 8%

More real evidence of economic strength: number of Scots getting permanent jobs has ‘risen sharply.’

UK wages rise at fastest rate but still slower than in Scotland

Wages growing faster in Scotland than in non-Scottish parts of the UK

80 000 lowest paid workers in NHS England still on poverty wages as NHS Scotland follows Scottish Government policy to pay a living wage to all public-sector employees

Further evidence of better employment practices in Scotland


‘Reporting Scotland’ persists with lies and sensationalism about deaths in hospital

Reporter Lisa Summers says wrongly that two death were as a result of infection

It’s now four days since Reporting Scotland began telling lies about the deaths of two patients in Glasgow’s new hospital. In what seems to be another event in a long campaign to damage the reputation of the hospital and, by proxy, the Scottish Government, they have headlined the story for four days in succession.

We know from their own website that one death was due to ‘unrelated causes’ and, tonight, we heard that in the other, the fungal infection had been ‘contributory’. See this:

‘The health board said one of the patients was elderly and had died from an unrelated cause. The factors contributing to the death of the other patient are being investigated.’

Despite this, in an extended report overweight with tangential information including and extended interview with two people who had seen pigeons, Lisa Summers said:

‘It became clear that two patients had died as a result of this particular infection.’

This is patently untrue. In one case, the patient absolutely did not die as ‘a result of’ the infection. In the other it was as, Lisa put it, ‘contributy’ (sic). The infection was found in the blood stream of the second patient but clearly this death was also not ‘as a result of’ the infection

Finally, how contributory was the infection? In the absence of the actual wording of the post mortem report we are left in the dark. How many direct causal factors were there? How determining of the outcome were they? How many other contributory factors were there? How much of a contribution to the outcome did the infection make?

The role of pigeon-derived infection in this story get smaller the more you think about it.




Instead of pigeon poo crises

From Contrary:

Instead of pigeon poo crises, maybe our good old BBC should be usefully informing people of support and funding that’s available?


Carers are often isolated so they maybe need a decent broadcasting service more that most.

Instead of reporting on the latest terrible terrible occurrence (where did they find the one guy that complained about the pigeon poo? I mean, it shouldn’t have been ignored, but usually you need a few complaints to get things moving…) why aren’t they telling us what is actually happening? The dissemination of information is so very poor in this country – you would think they would be able to report actual things that are useful to people without it interfering with their BritNat stance.

That is one of the interesting things though, eh? It would not have taken that much, say, for example, sticking to the actual treaty of union, for Scotland to think things were okay enough (being spineless we’d have put up with it), but then westminster can’t even do democracy properly, and it has degenerated to not being able to even pretend to be able to. Anyway, things have always been and always will be intolerable while we are tied in with westminster rule in any form. Ah, I’m digressing – what I was going to say, is they can’t seem to see that actually being positive and supporting makes them seem okay, the constant shitty reporting just gives us more reason to despise what we are part of.

I saw somewhere that the DWP has spent £4 billion EXTRA on ensuring disabled people suffer… great cost cutting there guys.

Easy for us to say Scotland in top half of Anholt-GfK Roper NBISM league!

The above infographic gives a quick idea of how Scotland’s image fares relative to 50 other countries. Here’s a brief explanation of the Anholt-GfK Roper NBISM :

‘Conducted annually since 2008, the Anholt-GfK Roper NBISM examines the reputation of 50 countries. Since 2008, the Scottish Government (SG) has used the NBISM to measure Scotland’s reputation internationally. This report provides statistics on Scotland’s reputation along six dimensions of national competence: Exports, Governance, Culture, People, Tourism, and Investment and Immigration. These together provide an overall indication of a Scotland’s reputation.’

Here’s an extract from the key points:

‘Generally, perceptions of Scotland were highest amongst Commonwealth and English-speaking countries with the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States ranking Scotland 6th, 10th and 11th respectively. Between 2016 and 2018, Scotland’s reputation improved the most in Canada, Argentina and France. Scotland has a strong and balanced image and is rated as a Top 20 country on five of the six dimensions of reputation. Scotland’s strongest dimensions in 2018 were Tourism and Governance, which ranked Scotland 12th and 14th in the world, respectively. Scotland’s weakest dimension was Exports (23rd). This is Scotland’s only dimension to rank outside of the Top 20. Out of the six dimensions, People was Scotland’s most improved dimension since 2016, increasing from 65.0 to 66.1 in 2018. Within the dimensions, Scotland fares very well in the rating of individual attributes. Natural beauty continues to be perceived as Scotland’s strongest characteristic, ranking 7th out of the 50 nations, it ranked 11th in relation to how welcoming the people of Scotland are, and 12th for how it protects the environment, its rich cultural heritage and its rich historic buildings and monuments.’

For fuller account see this:


Deadly pigeon fungus droppings found at all Scottish hospitals!


Deadly pigeon droppings collected by Professor Robertson near Ayr’s new hospital

In response to BBC Scotland’s pigeon expose at the Southern General, the TuS disclosure team contacted 1 000 of its readers to carry out investigations into the presence of the fungus at other Scottish hospitals.

Evidence for peer reviewer that TuS has a reliable sample available to it.

Wearing scarves, soaked in Brut, around their faces and Mr Gloves rubber gloves, sometimes accompanied by retired chemistry teachers, almost all (67%) found evidence that patients in all Scottish hospitals are at grave risk from these deadly pigeons and their doings. This confirms the 2014 findings of Dr Jagit Singh, Director of Environmental Building Solution Ltd suggesting pigeon infestation in all public buildings including, presumably, Pacific Quay:

In keeping with the high standards of research methodology demanded by TuS Head of Ethics, Professor Robertson, all of the poo dropping samples will be passed to BBC Scotland’s news supremo, Sarah Smith, for peer-review.

Sarah, scion of the Smith dynasty rulers of BBCLabourland, at her crowning ceremony as Princess of News and Current Affairs

The troubled past of Ayr University Hospital

Like the Southern General, Ayr’s new state-of-the-art hospital campus has been plagued with problems from the start. See these shocking stories:


Oooooh…must vote Tory!



As ‘Reporting’ Scotland dance pigeon-toed around hospital deaths, Jackie Bird slips in a sharpened wee fib.


BBC Scotland ‘News’ continues to worry away at the story of pigeon droppings and two deaths at the Southern General. One of the deaths was due to an unrelated matter and the other is still being investigated, according to the BBC’s own website this morning:

‘The health board said one of the patients was elderly and had died from an unrelated cause. The factors contributing to the death of the other patient are being investigated.’

Despite this, BBC Scotland along with most of the press, have been keen to suggest the fungal infection derived from the pigeon droppings is in some way implicated in the deaths and that the pigeon infestation is now an NHS Scotland crisis. Some like the Extra have gone for it in true journalistic fashion and bugger any inconvenient facts.

We’ve heard the deaths described as happening ‘after’ or ‘linked’ to the fungal infection. In most cases the accurate account does find its way into reporting ‘after’ the impression has been made.

Given the saturation headline coverage it would be surprising if the popular impression was not that the pigeon dropping fungal infection had been the actual cause of death. Anyhow, tonight, Jackie Bird, showing little avian solidarity, said:

 ‘[T]he deaths of two patients from a rare fungal infection.’

This is clearly inaccurate. The deaths are not from the infection. At 10.30, Graham Stewart repeated the lie and this morning (22nd) it was to be repeated six times in the BBC Breakfast inserts. No doubt, we’ll be told we’re being pedantic or fussy, but this is how propaganda works in the West, with a stiletto and not with a hammer.