The Power of Early Morning Nightmares: Waking up to BBC Scotland and learning to fear an independent future: 18th April 2018


For an introduction to this series of media-monitoring reports, see:

There were five reports covered with, typically, four in each insert. Coding from the table is in parentheses:

First, we heard of a BBC investigation which found that men outnumber women among the ranks of Scotland’s top-earning senior doctors. Though no direct accusation of failure was levelled, this report contributes to a negative image of both NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government (1, 6).

Second, was a report on the pardon for gay men convicted of sexual offences which are no longer a crime. Film of the First minister making the apology was included. This can be reasonably seen as positive for the Scottish government’s image (1).

Third, the Scottish government’s fund of £250 000, for farmers affected by recent severe weather, was reported with no criticism (1).

Fourth was the report of a Scottish Sikh arrested in India and fifth was a report of the QE2 opening as a tourist attraction. The latter only appeared once. Neither have bene coded.

Reports from 16/4 to 18/4/18                                                           Total (previous)

  1. Positive news for SNP / Scottish Government                              4 (2)
  2. Negative news for SNP / Scottish Government                            3 (2)
  3. Positive news for Scottish economy                                               0 (0)
  4. Negative news for Scottish economy                                             0 (1)
  5. Positive news for Scottish health services                                    0 (0)
  6. Negative news for Scottish health services                                  1 (3)
  7. Other positive news for Scotland                                                   0 (0)
  8. Other negative news for Scotland                                                  0 (3)
  9. Use of reliable sources                                                                      0 (1)
  10. Use of unreliable sources                                                                 0 (3)
  11. Reliance on outdated GDP or other productivity figures          0 (2)

Few signs of anything nightmare-inducing, I know, but, perhaps, this will enable me to gather a body of data which I can compare with what happens once a date for a second referendum is announced.


One thought on “The Power of Early Morning Nightmares: Waking up to BBC Scotland and learning to fear an independent future: 18th April 2018

  1. Contrary April 18, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    They just give you a rest every other day, specially if they’ve had some particularly frothing at the mouth opinionated reporting over a couple of days.

    The radio was going hell for leather over chemical weapons this week, so they tone it down for a couple of days probably in the hope it embeds I reckon. The Kaye phone in, gosh but she can say some stomach-churning, and patronising, things – I’m aghast at times at what she seems to think is fair and acceptable – anyway, whatever morning it was on, it was about children being gassed in Syria (it started with ‘was Theresa May right to bomb Syria’ but degenerated quickly to that termonology – no manipulation there at all), and a clued up chap came on – missed his name – and mentioned the children getting killed by illegal weapons in Yemen by the Saudi s, to who we sell our arms to & support, so why do those children not matter… This got a pursed-lips ‘mmm’ and he was thanked for his call. Can’t be debating things like that now can we?

    John, it’s good to see you have found a way to do some news analysis, so clearly set out! Don’t listen to radio Scotland though, as well as that other programme. Frothing at the mouth stuff.


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