Racial hate crime continues to fall in Scotland as it soars in England and Wales, but BBC Scotland finds suitable distraction


From yesterday’s Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service press release on Hate Crime in Scotland, 2017/18:

  1. Racial crime – 3,249 charges reported in 2017-18, 4% less than in 2016-17 – 9% less than the peak in 2011-12, lowest number reported since 2003-04.
  2. Sexual orientation aggravated crime – 1,112 charges reported in 2017-18, an increase of 3%.
  3. Aggravation of prejudice relating to disability – 284 charges reported in 2017-18 – 51% more than in 2016-17. This increase may be partially due to efforts to raise awareness of this type of crime, which is generally thought to be under reported.
  4. Religiously aggravated charges – 642 reported in 2017-18.
  5. Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications – 198 charges reported in 2017-18


However, from the above, BBC Scotland chose to headline:

Disability-related hate crime up 50%


Meanwhile in England & Wales, hate crimes based on race, increased by a massive 27% from 2015/16 to 2016/17.


So, cheap tabloid titillation, selective misrepresentation and no context?


4 thoughts on “Racial hate crime continues to fall in Scotland as it soars in England and Wales, but BBC Scotland finds suitable distraction

  1. Gerry Robertson June 16, 2018 / 10:13 am

    I could feign shock horror and surprise but I am not in the least. Just the usual day in the life of BBC propoganda machine.

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  2. Alasdair Macdonald June 16, 2018 / 9:23 pm

    The BBC has been remarkably restrained in its headline. They could have pointed out that there has been an ‘infinite increase’ since 2011/12.


    • johnrobertson834 June 17, 2018 / 2:25 pm

      In 2004, my PhD student with cerebral palsy lost control of her motorised wheelchair and drove into my shins. Nobody mentions that!

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