27% fewer Scottish teachers applying for retirement due to ill-health


In a Freedom of Information request from an anonymous source:



Could the source have been hoping for a trend going the other way?

Regardless of the Scottish Labour Branch led EIS action, the above data merely confirms a wide range of indicators demonstrating the relative good health of Scotland’s schools and of those who work in them. See these ‘few’:

Only 4 teachers write to Swinney or Sturgeon on the P1 tests and only one of those is opposed to them

Alex Cole-Hamilton exposes huge SNP Government-funded 142.8% rise in Business Studies student teachers to enable many more to study subject in schools

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Are Scottish teachers more stressed and depressed than the rest?

Scottish Conservative and Labour Party (SCALP*) embarrassed by lack of complaints letters from teachers to First Minister

Boom! 35% fewer vacancies in Schools and 15% more student teachers

Scotland not one of ‘all English-speaking countries’, English researchers find but our teachers may be happier

97% of Scotland’s head teachers expect attainment gap to close over next five years thanks to SNP government funding

Despite Scotsman scare story, English schools spending 50% more on supply teachers than better-staffed Scottish schools.

Scottish teachers report lower job demands, better relationships and lower perceived stress levels than those in England and only 4% are considering leaving their jobs

Forget PISA’s tiny unreliable samples: Scotland has the best school attainment outcomes in the UK because it has the most teachers per pupil

Scottish Teachers Less Likely to Consider Quitting

How Scotland’s media INVENTED a tear-sodden crisis of P1 assessment

Scotland has far fewer pupils for every teacher




One thought on “27% fewer Scottish teachers applying for retirement due to ill-health

  1. Margaret Black March 3, 2019 / 4:34 am

    The truth will out !


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