Scotland has far fewer pupils for every teacher

Once more we’re grateful to a Tory MSP, trawling for bad news with a parliamentary question, but stumbling on good news we can report. See this from Tom Mason (Tory MSP) with reply from SNP minister John Swinney:


To further clarify things, here are the 2016 pupil-teacher ratios for the four UK areas:

Wales: 18.6 pupils for every teacher

N Ireland: 17.6 pupils for every teacher

England: 17.4 pupils for every teacher

Scotland: 13.7 pupils for every teacher

So, a considerably greater number of teachers per pupil in Scotland?


Wales: or

Scotland: or

Northern Ireland: or

And for more, much more, on why the situation in Scottish schools is so much better than our NoMedia would have you believe:

Forget PISA’s tiny unreliable samples: Scotland has the best school attainment outcomes in the UK because it has the most teachers per pupil

Boom! 35% fewer vacancies in Schools and 15% more student teachers

Despite Scotsman scare story, English schools spending 50% more on supply teachers than better-staffed Scottish schools.

Scottish teachers report lower job demands, better relationships and lower perceived stress levels than those in England and only 4% are considering leaving their jobs



One thought on “Scotland has far fewer pupils for every teacher

  1. Gavin.c.Barrie February 7, 2019 / 5:08 pm

    The Scottish Government are doing it deliberately.


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