New Scottish teachers 8 times more likely to stay than those in Tory England


In the Independent today:

‘Nearly three in five teachers in only their first year in the profession are already not convinced that they will stay in teaching – and rising mental health problems are partly to blame, research finds. The survey, of more than 275 teachers in their first year of teaching, by a Leeds Beckett University academic, found that only 43 per cent have definite plans to stay in the profession long-term.’

In a Times Education Scotland article full of Iain Greymatter, we read:

‘Since 2014-15, a total of 296 primary and secondary probationer teachers left the profession.’

So, that’s around 100 per year leaving.

In any year, there are around 2 000 probationer teachers in Scotland.

So, the percentage actually leaving is 5%.

5%, 43%? I know we’re not comparting like with like. Maybe more than 5% of the Scots would moan about planning to leave but 43%?

Let’s see if we can find the actual number of English probationers leaving. Oooh, would the 2015 figures do? See this:


Now what could be persuading all those Scottish probationer teachers to stay on? Hmm, see these:

Boom! 35% fewer vacancies in Schools and 15% more student teachers

Scotland not one of ‘all English-speaking countries’, English researchers find but our teachers may be happier

97% of Scotland’s head teachers expect attainment gap to close over next five years thanks to SNP government funding

Despite Scotsman scare story, English schools spending 50% more on supply teachers than better-staffed Scottish schools.

Scottish teachers report lower job demands, better relationships and lower perceived stress levels than those in England and only 4% are considering leaving their jobs

In the Herald, SNP warned that giving more power to head-teachers in Sweden “led to declining standards” No it didn’t.

Forget PISA’s tiny unreliable samples: Scotland has the best school attainment outcomes in the UK because it has the most teachers per pupil

Scottish Teachers Less Likely to Consider Quitting

Scotland has far fewer pupils for every teacher

EIS survey on Scottish teacher stress is stupidly covered in National then disappears before leading academic can mark it its ‘methods.’

Scottish Conservatives write FAKE NEWS on ‘teacher shortages’ for ‘Scotsman’




7 thoughts on “New Scottish teachers 8 times more likely to stay than those in Tory England

  1. Andy Anderson February 18, 2019 / 2:33 pm

    Keep up the good work John, you site is well respected in the Yes movement. Very useful. Passing the word to as many people as possible.


  2. Ludo Thierry February 19, 2019 / 8:40 am

    Hi John et al – Off topic but not seeing the figures mentioned elsewhere – Further good ‘joined up Government’ stuff from SNP Scottish Govt reported on Scottish Legal site re. sensible approach to cannabis possession resulting in freeing up Court time and Justice System funds etc. Link and snippets below
    (Curious how this stuff never ever gets a mention in Scottish msm. Oddly enough I was listening to Ian Dale on LBC whilst making my evening meal last night and he was talking to a lady from an England based Prison Reform charity and she spent her entire slot making positive comparisons re. the (poor) system in England and the presumption against short sentences operated “ our Scottish neighbours..” and the good effects being achieved here. To be fair to Ian Dale he said he had found her discussion interesting and hoped to have her back in for a longer discussion – wouldn’t happen on beeb Scotland I’m afraid):

    It has emerged that 500 people per month caught with cannabis in Scotland are avoiding prosecution as police issue warnings instead.

    Anti-drugs campaigners have criticised the policy as a “soft touch” approach but police have defended their use of recorded police warnings (RPWs) as a way to deal quickly and efficiently with offences, The Times reports.

    Warnings are being increasingly used with people found in possession of the class B drug and use of the measure has risen nine per cent since it was brought in three years ago.

    Police said, however, that anyone caught with the drug twice in three months will still be referred to prosecutors and warnings will remain on record for two years.

    David Liddell, chief executive of the Scottish Drugs Forum, said: “We were supportive of this widening of the use of recorded warnings for cannabis possession, as there is no evidence enforcement of possession of small amounts of drugs has any impact on levels of use.

    “This is a sensible policy as it reduces police, Crown Office and court time, and ensures that for the individual the legal consequences of use are not greater than the harm the drug causes.”

    The Scottish government said RPWs for cannabis possession are “a proportionate, formal way of dealing with low-level offences which commonly do not result in court action. The types of crime covered by the scheme are a matter for the lord advocate as part of his independent role as head of the system of prosecution.”


  3. Ludo Thierry February 19, 2019 / 5:51 pm

    Hi John, Hi BigJon – At the risk of implying the beeb Scotland site has, arguably, (almost) achieved a modicum of competence today could I also draw folks’ attention to a further small item on the continuing imaginative developments in Scotland’s Criminal Justice system under the ‘joined up’ SNP Scottish Govt.

    The beeb carry this item on their Scottish Politics page rather than the general Scottish News page so it can be easily missed. Link and snippets below:

    Glasgow’s alcohol court is to be extended, a year on from its introduction.

    Two sheriffs in the city currently deal with offenders convicted of offences where alcohol abuse was a significant contributory factor.

    From next month, the court will also be able to deal with domestic abuse cases where alcohol played a role.

    Sentencing aims to address alcohol-driven crime, with a focus on education and counselling.

    Offenders can receive community sentences along with an order allowing the sheriff to monitor progress.

    So far, offenders convicted of domestic abuse have not been admitted to the alcohol court, but a new programme offering an alternative to custody will allow the court to consider these types of offence.

    Within six months of the pilot’s launch last year, the alcohol court was a permanent fixture.

    It deals with offenders who plead guilty or who are convicted of public order or drink driving offences and charges involving violence or dishonesty, where alcohol abuse is considered to be a significant contributing factor.

    Sheriffs in Glasgow can refer offenders to the court for sentencing.

    Of the 128 referred in the last 12 months, 61% have been made the subject of an alcohol court order.

    During the period, 51 community payback orders and 27 deferred sentences were imposed, with only three revoked for non-compliance.

    Those of an Indy persuasion are not looking for slavish devotion from the beeb (or any other media outlets) – all we’re asking for is balanced reporting of the facts. Beeb Scotland show from time to time (eg, perhaps, today) that they are quite capable of reporting ‘good’ Scottish news in a competent, neutral fashion – Why not the rest of the year guys? Why the relentless daily (Groundhog Day) diet of ‘Scotland is rubbish’-type coverage? That is the question.


  4. Contrary February 19, 2019 / 7:45 pm

    Hi Ludo, they also reported the alcohol court on the radio this morning – with no background or context, so it’s good to know. There is definitely better ‘quality’ on their website, I am just a slave to habits (and many of them bad).

    Bizarrely, the radio also reported on the First Ministers trip to Paris, and even let her answers to an interview be heard. Of course, the best bit where she said the opposition parties were so parochial is doing the rounds. But she also got a chance to say how she bumped into the previous Labour FM (McConnell?) at the airport and they chatted about all the places HE went to visit. And she emphasised that it IS HER JOB, to go to forrin parts and promote Scotland.

    Am I allowed to say that the opposition parties are a bunch of wankers? Um,,, maybe it would be more diplomatic to say, the opposition parties act like a bunch of wankers.


  5. Alasdair Macdonald February 20, 2019 / 4:52 pm

    A spokesperson for a Scottish Teachers’ Union, said, “We ur pure beelin that such a thing is bein reportit. The BBC always reports whit oor objective surveys say. We asked three o wur maist incompetent teachers, who hate weans an hate gain intae school every day, if they wur thinkin o leavin because o mental stress an four o thum tellt us, ‘Aye, but only efter wuv hud wur six months full pey an six months hauf pey’ an the Union hus goat us an early retirement deal wi 10 years enhancement.’


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