Yet more objective evidence Scotland’s economy healthy in SNP care

5.4 million already!

In my favourite not-Marxist, not-Nat, business magazine, Insider yesterday, evidence of booming demand for HR professionals:

‘Average entry-level HR administrators’ salaries rose to £19,000 – up on £17,000 two years ago. There was a growing demand for temporary junior and mid-level staff to put compliance measures for GDPR legislation and new systems. The recruitment agency also found an increase in vacancies paying around £40,000 a year, as businesses sought to replace higher-earning leavers with managerial staff.’

I’m not, thank the Dude, an HR professional nor an economist, but it’s fortunately simple. TuS has been reporting increased employment, increased productivity, increased GDP even if you like that kind of thing, increased demand for industrial and commercial space and now we see that these growing businesses need more HR expertise. Of course, they do. It’s just another measurable non-controversial confirmation that despite it all (Tory FUPS), more than  a decade of SNP administration correlates strongly with a robust economy and one with tremendous potential to grow once free of ‘them’, ‘all of them.’

This is, of course, objective evidence of the kind, unlike the GERS estimates, reported here before:

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6 thoughts on “Yet more objective evidence Scotland’s economy healthy in SNP care

  1. Alasdair Macdonald February 9, 2019 / 11:56 am

    And the graphic shows exactly why the English ruling clique will fight tooth and nail to keep Scotland as a colony. It is these resources which underpin the financial power of the City of London.

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  2. bigjon999 February 9, 2019 / 7:26 pm

    not strictly on-topic… but
    Seems the education unions in England are demanding 5%… meanwhile in Scotland teachers are being offered 10%+ and education unions are recommending turning this down. Not sure what to make of it all – are English education unions so brow-beaten they are giving up? Or are Scottish education unions so in-bed with Labour they are just stirring for political reasons?


    • Contrary February 10, 2019 / 9:03 am

      Ah, I had a conversation with myself on the prisons post, but this is more relevant to the UN discussion thing:

      Reflecting on the differences in prison services north and south of the border (funny how britnats still use this term too, accepting that there is a border, but not always accepting Scotland is a distinct country), I think I realise why I found the body language strange in the UN discussion of Scotland’s human rights agenda (posted in the previous article – if John gets round to moderating the comment…) – I realise there was a TOTAL avoidance of mention of all the English abuses of human rights – the UN human rights committee have slammed the uk gov’t on numerous occasions now regarding human rights abuses particularly on disabled people – but during this discussion there was NO mention of uk gov’t policy. Interesting. So they skirted round these issues, and perhaps Nicola Sturgeon was told not to mention them (she did not mention the prison services, and only briefly touched on how we have some control of social security, no mention of mitigating welfare cuts as far as I remember, etc). The UN asked what might Scotland do to influence the UK to adopt the European convention on human rights into statute – bugger all was the effective answer (I’m paraphrasing) -Nicola Sturgeon just veered the answers to saying that we are starting the process of embedding human rights into Scottish law.

      I cannot believe I didn’t notice this big blank space of avoiding mentioning England’s huge black hole of human rights issues – and I wonder how much the UN have tried to get the UK authorities – they are the member state after all – to participate and have had to engage with one of the UK member states instead (which they must find weird, and only had half an understanding of our independent judiciary system – but does that not make it more weird that our first minister did not mention how much we are doing in prisons?). The UN must desperately want the UK to participate, and trying to influence them via Scotland I suspect. Fat chance.

      Well, looks like Scotland will be accepted into the EU AND the UN without any trouble, the UK authorities have been so determined to make themselves despised by other countries that in fact Scotland is looking like it has a glowing halo and is a desirable buddy to have.


  3. Contrary February 10, 2019 / 2:15 pm

    Well, I guess John is skiving off to eat ice cream on the beach at Largs.

    This seems an important, and pertinent, article by Wings

    It sets out the fallacy of Scottish ‘debt’ (we are not allowed debt), and the hogwash about how we get back more than we put into the uk (pay particular attention to the 2012 report stating that Scotland only gets back 95% of what it puts in), GERS of course includes interest on debt – that’s the uk debt that we get to share (but have no say on what it’s spent on). The circular argument of unionism makes no sense and needs to be shut down – Scotland is in surplus, and in an independent Scotland we would not be paying off part of the UK debt. There is no black hole, except between the ears of BritNat ideologists.

    Wings on Twitter, I see, is asking for suggestions on questions for a new opinion poll. I am not on Twitter so I will throw my suggestions into the wind here, maybe someone will pick up somethething from them to refine:

    1. As a rough estimate, by how much do you believe your political opinion is formed by the MSM and other news outlets? 0%, 10%, … 100%. (A bit of a trick question, but can demonstrate if people are actually aware of how they are influenced)

    2. How much do you believe what you are told by (a) politicians (not much, some, a lot, everything) (b) the BBC news (zero, not much etc)

    3. Do you think context – background information – should be given a higher priority in news reporting? (Yes no)

    4. Do you think there should be more transparency in reporting of (a) politics (b) policing (c) security services (d) environmental protection (e) MoD (f) nuclear power & other large government projects (yes no)

    5. Do you think that the vote to leave the EU was brought about by (a) the will of the people (b) right-wing political activists (c) the uk government wanting to avoid new transparency laws brought in by the EU this year to maintain its tax havens (d) a US-UK conspiracy to destabilise the EU and the euro to maintain the power and the value of the (petro)dollar (e) other reasons.

    6. Have you heard of the Green New Deal? (Yes no) if yes, do you understand it is an economic policy? (Yes no) if yes, do you think it is (a) a good one or (b) a bad one? Do you believe an independent Scotland should align itself to a progressive economic policy such as this? (Yes no)

    7. Do you think that the two-party FPTP political system has the effect of polarising opinions into only two, and stifles debate and cooperation? (Yes no)

    8. Do you believe that the current uk government has your best interests at heart? (Yes no)

    9. Do you think that the best method of gauging public opinion on major changes to a countries policies and laws is through (a) consultation (b) referendum (c) opinion polls (d) not required.

    10. In the event of Scotland voting for independence, during the negotiating period, do you think that (a) major decisions should have options for the Scottish people to decide on (e.g. Keep, demand removal of, rent out: trident) (b) politicians, chosen by the current proportional make up of the Scottish Parliament should be wholly responsible for all negotiations and final decisions (c) a negotiating team should be chosen and voted on by the public, and decisions consulted on fully (d) internal and external politics should be clearly split; negotiations with the rUK separate and ongoing while internal political rearrangement, establishment of national bank, tax revenue body, and other normally reserved institutions are put in place (e) stay on the current system until all negotiations are complete, only instituting new arrangements after a Scottish general election on final dissolution of the Union.

    Gosh, I had more question than I thought, but then I AM fascinated by other people’s opinions. I may have to Wingify that list.


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