SNP blamed as private businesses experience too much demand and overcrowding with new staff second only to Labour-mayored London.

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Once more in that clearly pro-Russian and nationalist rag, Insider, we read today:

‘Private sector business activity picks up further. Latest Royal Bank of Scotland PMI shows growth and staff numbers accelerating from July – when it rose at its strongest rate in four years – but output charges also increased. Momentum in Scotland’s private sector economy has been building since the start of the second quarter. Private sector business activity expanded again in August, leading to a third monthly rise in backlogs of work.’

And, only London, I suspect, is experiencing worse:

‘The backlog of work at Scottish private sector companies rose midway through the third quarter. The rate of accumulation, albeit only modest, was the second-strongest of all 12 monitored UK regions.’

When oh when will the SNP stop interfering with business?

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3 thoughts on “SNP blamed as private businesses experience too much demand and overcrowding with new staff second only to Labour-mayored London.

  1. Alasdair Macdonald September 10, 2018 / 10:40 am

    “The backlog of work at Scottish private sector companies rose ……. The rate of accumulation, albeit only modest ……..”

    “Backlog” and “only modest” – if the BBC reports this I suspect that these two terms will feature prominently so that a blame story can be issued.

    During this morning’s GMS there was an interview with “Lord” Darling since it is almost the 10th anniversary of the financial crash of 2008, during which he was able to highlight his own efforts and pass blame on to Messrs Cameron and Osborne. Undoubtedly, the latter two deserve to be blamed and, to be fair, actions taken by Mr Darling brought a recovery towards the end of 2009. But he was not really pressed on the ‘light touch regulation’ and other aspects which occurred under ‘new’ Labour. However, at the end and only tangentially related to the foregoing he was asked about the recent poll indicating that a majority might vote for independence following a poor deal Brexit. It was clearly set up to allow him to hit; “the 2014 referendum settled …. it is time the SG got back to the day job.” He did not actually use, his china, THE COLONEL’s cliche, but he came pretty close. As you have shown on many occasions on this Blog the SG has been doing that since 2007.

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  2. John September 10, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    Time we got rid of this SNP Government will be the cry again , this time for overperforming . Scotland on level pegging with the rest of the UK ? , outrageous, can’t have that ,they are doing too good a job .
    The SNP , dammed if they do , dammed if they don’t ! .

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