Scottish businesses more likely to be stable than those in rest of UK: News from a parallel universe unknown to our mainstream media


Regular readers will know there is a steady flow of information suggesting that the Scottish economy is more robust than our media would like us to believe and consequently ignored by that media, despite its easy accessibility on specialist sites such as Insider and the Scottish Financial News. Remember, these are by no means pro-independence sources.

According to the Scottish Financial News, today, Scotland has the lowest rate of risk of insolvency in the UK. Based on research by R3, 39.1% of UK firms are at risk while only 32.5% of Scottish firms are.

I know, I’m repeating myself but here is a recent list of links to those reports contradicting the negative view of the Scottish economy so popular with our media, Unionist politicians and their pet economists:

Hard evidence of a robust economy further undermines media doubts based on unreliable and meaningless GDP statistics

Scottish economy is thriving on innovation as patent filing runs at 4 times the UK rate

And more evidence of a strong economy: starting salaries in Scotland increase at quickest rate for more than 3 years

17% increase in number of Scots planning to start a new business as Scottish economy strengthens

Scotland’s economy continues to show signs of good health and growth

Reports of a strong Scottish economy just keep coming. Now debt decrees down 93% in the last three months

More evidence Scottish economy is strong: Demand for office space in Glasgow highest for ten years

Clear signs of a robust economy? 15% increase in Edinburgh office take-up in 2017 and Glasgow set for a ‘stellar 12 months.’

Scottish businesses continue to show signs of health with insolvencies down 23% as the Scottish economy holds strong

The Auditor General strongly, with no qualifications, commends the Scottish Government on its ‘sound’ management of the economy. The lowest under-spend since devolution.

With only 8% of the population, Scotland’s maritime sector accounts for 25% of the UK maritime sector’s (GVA) contribution to the economy and is 17.5% more productive than the UK marine oil and gas sector. Once more, too wee, too poor?

12% increase in the formation of social enterprises in Scotland over only 2 years leads to a £2 billion economic contribution to Scottish economy.

England runs massive trade deficit. Only Scotland has a viable sustainable economy, exporting more than she imports thus requiring no national debt

As for GDP, see:

When will Scotland’s economics correspondents catch up with current thinking on GDP? When they can find something else to attack the SNP with.


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