Who are Scotland’s millionaire politicians?


A recent Freedom of Information request has revealed predictably that the Scottish Government doesn’t hold the information required to answer the question:



Who is Jason Greco? TuS researchers have, typically, no idea. There are 84 of them in the USA and 6 on Facebook.

TuS sister site, TuS (Tell us your secrets), needs your help. The TuS researchers have only managed to dig out three Tories including the improbably named highland landlord millionaire, Sir Mountain, above, who allegedly misused his position as an MSP to further his business interests. Why isn’t his first name ‘Ben’ or ‘Craig’ or ‘Stob’ or ‘Bod’ or ‘Mam’?

Here’s another one:


Here’s the third man:


torymillion3b.png torymillion3

If you have more info than TuS, please comment below.



2 thoughts on “Who are Scotland’s millionaire politicians?

  1. gavin February 9, 2019 / 9:57 am

    Well, you don’t get to be a multi-millionaire by spending your own money, do you?

    Sir Mountain what? Warehouse–Top–View–Side–Peak?

    I would like it to be Iznag. An old Maltese Turkman name.

    Sir Moutain Iznag. That has a good Tory ring about it. You could get your duck pond cleaned for free, with a name like that!

    And I would bet, there would be no “Disciplinary Panel” for anyone named *Sir Mountain Iznag* if he got up to some naughties with strangers in the Strangers Bar!
    Of course the “disciplinary panel” is just another way for Tories to say –“on ye go, son. Don’t get caught next time”.

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  2. Contrary February 9, 2019 / 8:12 pm

    Well, I have a few issues with people owning business, or have financial interests, being in a parliament that can influence regulations on those interests. I have a problem with lobbying too. Whether they are millionaires or not – everyone needs to be represented of course, but with a proper proportional representation system, I doubt there would be many multimillionaires in parliament (gosh, I wonder why proportional representation isn’t popular with the ruling classes,,, can’t think why that would be). There has got to be a better way.

    Here is a good wee video of a congresswoman (who has just brought a motion to congress on the green new deal), highlighting the American system and how easy it is there to be a ‘bad guy’ – how far away are we from this state of affairs, if our regulating bodies (electoral commission) have no teeth?


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