Scots are agreeably different? Don’t you tell me I’m agreeable pal!

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In the Independent today:

‘A survey of 400,000 people in the UK has found significant regional differences in the five basic psychological traits that form human personality: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness. While Scotland tended to be populated by people who scored highly on friendliness and emotional stability, the Welsh were noted for their openness, shyness and emotional instability, the study found. The inhabitants of East England were conscientious and agreeable but not very open, while the people of London were found to be the most open group in Britain, but the least welcoming and not very conscientious.’

Regular readers will know that I’ve been wittering on agreeably about this notion that Scotland is different enough in terms of the commonality of values such as collectivism over individualism to add that factor to its rationale for independence. Of course, it’s not an essential requirement to justify independence and there are many Scots (Tory supporters) who might be better swapped with ‘nice’ English folk, but it does seem important to our NoMedia for them to want to undermine it all the time:

BBC News tries to spread knife crime crisis into Scotland to tell us: ‘You’re no different. Don’t get any ideas!’

As religious hate crime soars by 40% in one year in England and Wales, Reporting Scotland struggles to keep up

Here are some only of the many reports here on related matters:

Abuse of women and the disabled far higher in England than in Scotland

Less homicide, less knife crime, less domestic violence, safer cities and now much lower alcohol problems: should Scotland’s old stereotypes be sent south?

Racial hate crimes increase by 33% in England & Wales while falling by 10% in Scotland: Who says we’re not different?

Scottish Muslim students far less likely to report abuse or crime?

Terror de-radicalisation referral rate in Scotland less than one third per capita of that in England

Only in Scotland! ‘A review of small country’s approaches to public policy reform in response to economic, demographic and other pressures found that only in Scotland could this ‘golden thread’ be so clearly discerned’

Scientific evidence that Scots tend to be different from the other groups in rUK?

Who said Scots were not more left-wing than those in the rest of the UK?

With 1 in 4 living wage employers already in Scotland, the Scottish Government aims to make this a ‘Living Wage Nation’

8% of the UK population and 28% of living wage employers. More evidence that we are different enough to want to run the whole show?

80 000 lowest paid workers in NHS England still on poverty wages as NHS Scotland follows Scottish Government policy to pay a living wage to all public-sector employees

Scottish care workers to receive Living Wage for ‘sleepover’ hours while English care workers receive only the National Minimum Wage.




8 thoughts on “Scots are agreeably different? Don’t you tell me I’m agreeable pal!

  1. Contrary December 20, 2018 / 1:07 pm

    What about a simple Petition ‘Stop Brexit’? …

    The numbers are fair increasing as you watch… Even though I think scotland has been very ‘clear’ (that’s normal clear, not politician-speak clear which is the opposite of clear when they use it) on the subject of EU membership and we shouldn’t have to keep repeating ourselves – its tiring and frustrating. Even though there are a few voters out there that will only vote for scottish independence if brexit happens, I think that there are plenty of voters that have come to a clearer understanding of exactly how tenuous Scotland’s devolution settlement is, of exactly how much of a sham the democracy of the UK is, of exactly how much contempt the English have for us, of just how much better scotland can be as an independent nation. So, my thinking would be to sign the petition and show good enthusiasm from scotland (our numbers dictate we wont effect the outcome.. as usual) … Not that petitions have much effect on the UK government mind you! Read the response already supplied – the usual meaningless waffle.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gavin December 20, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    “Scotland…populated…scored highly…friendliness and emotional stability”.—-Whit!
    Tut, tut John. Fake news surely.

    Having watched that purveyor of straight honest reportage, the BEEB, for decade after decades, what have we learned?

    Well, every other “baddy” is a Jock.
    Invariably the drunk on London’s street–“see you, Jimmy”!
    The London policeman (who hails from Inverness)–“see you, Jimmy”!
    The beggar on the Embankment—“see you, Jimmy”!
    The stone-hearted Meenister from the Utter Hebrides—-“see you, Jimmy/Jemima—ye’ll burn in HELL”!
    The portrayal never varies, the accent the same guttural stage Jockney*, no matter where the drunk/beggar/policeman/Meenister is supposed to come from.

    My “learned” fear, is that walking down Ayr High street I am accosted by a drunk/belligerent beggar dressed as a policeman from Skye, who threatens me with eternal purgatory.

    *This seems to be the same “voice” used to advertise upcoming Scottish rugby game on BBC “Scotland”.


  3. johnrobertson834 December 20, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    My “learned” fear, is that walking down Ayr High street I am accosted by a drunk/belligerent beggar dressed as a policeman from Skye, who threatens me with eternal purgatory?

    I’ll change my outfit.


  4. Contrary December 20, 2018 / 4:52 pm

    Haha! ‘Ye’ll Burn in HELLLLL’ 😀 ahhh, that’s hilarious Gavin, well done.

    All true of course.


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