As the Scottish Nomedia scrambles for scare-stories here are 30 secret successes in NHS Scotland in 2018

(c) Scotsman

You’ve no doubt watched in disgust as Revolting Scotland and others desperately exaggerate the impact of isolated stories to unnerve, especially, our elderly and sick. Here is the real news:

95% of Scottish cancer patients treated within 31-day standard but NHS England in crisis

Immunisation of Scottish children continues to exceed the 95% target after four years

Most Scottish health boards exceeded target for alcohol and drug treatment waiting times while NHS England’s services fell into crisis

Scotland has 10% of the population but 17% of the health visitors and fewer post-natal deaths after SNP government increases staffing by 25%

NHS Scotland survives summer heatwave despite SNP failure to control London Met Office

NHS Scotland chronic pain waiting times hold steady despite 3.26% increase in demand and while NHS England figures mysteriously disappear

SNP blamed for standing by as NHS England vacancies run at more than three times those in NHS Scotland

SNP Government acts early to prevent NHS winter crisis in 2018/19

NHS Scotland Psychological Therapies waiting times almost maintained despite major increase in demand

Six consecutive years of NHS Scotland staffing growth

Looking south only, NHS England is ‘left behind Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan’ but Scotland is both ‘just behind’ and well ahead of them!

91% satisfaction with NHS Scotland staff! Patients even more satisfied than before

NHS Scotland maintains waiting times for Outpatients despite soaring pressures and unlike the crisis in non-Scottish parts

NHS Scotland sees more patients within 18 weeks as demand soars

Major achievement by NHS Scotland as operations cancelled due to capacity or non-clinical reasons fall dramatically by 31%

Is BBC Scotland exploiting patients with mental health problems to construct an ill-founded attack on NHS Tayside?

At 78% level of satisfaction with NHS Scotland is impressive 36% higher than for the NHS across UK

NHS Scotland misrepresented!

Anger over Scotsman’s call for Miles Briggs to be listened to…at all as NHS taxi costs fall 14% in one year

NHS Scotland first to be 100% Baby Friendly

Updated: The Scotsman colludes with Labour and Tories to fake another crisis in NHS Scotland

NHS England sees 35% increase in patients waiting more than 18 weeks while NHS Scotland reports a fall of 0.2% despite a 14.6% increase in demand

Scotsman, Herald and Tories collude in another laughable attempt to unseat Scottish Health Secretary using NHS Scotland’s success stories

NHS Lothian ‘bed-blocking’ remains much lower than average in NHS England

Scotsman under fire over dishonest reporting of four-doctor protest, against NHS England, but at Holyrood (?), in latest round weaponizing NHS in proxy war against SNP

NHS Scotland A&E performance is more than 10% better than NHS England though BBC Salford mislead viewers by using wrong figure

NHS Scotland: 27% increase in kidney transplants including 10% increase from living donors as ‘UK’ level falls to eight-year low

Bed-blocking in NHS Scotland falls by nearly 10% in one year as the rate in NHS England surges to nearly 500% higher, per capita, than that in NHS Scotland!

National auditors find two very different NHS systems in the UK. Someone tell Theresa today.

I’m sorry that this is all I could find in the last 8 months.


2 thoughts on “As the Scottish Nomedia scrambles for scare-stories here are 30 secret successes in NHS Scotland in 2018

  1. Broadbield September 30, 2018 / 7:49 am

    Hi there Kemo Sabe. I get your emails every day, but if this is the best you can do I’ll need sign up to the Daily Wail to get the Real news, or even Radio Whatitsname again.


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