Embracing sustainable aviation just latest in Scottish Government’s 200 plus efforts to counter Tory Brexit disaster

As the opposition transport spokespersons spend their days digging for any old evidence of something bad which they can feed to Reporting Scotland, The SNP Transport Secretary covers the ground to get something going for the Scottish economy:

Scotland’s Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Secretary, Michael Matheson MSP, today visited Cranfield University on a fact-finding mission to learn more about the latest technological developments in sustainable aerospace and aviation. On the visit, the Transport Secretary heard from Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University, about their work on ‘Project Fresson’ with Loganair which aims to develop the world’s first electric-powered passenger flights on island-hopping routes between Orkney and Kirkwall. Professor Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University, said: “I was delighted to show the Transport Secretary around Cranfield’s global research airport with its unique facilities. We are already seeing Scotland embracing sustainable aviation through developments such as ‘Project Fresson’ and it was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to Mr Matheson what more could be achieved through technological developments.


Project Fresson:

As revealed in the Press & Journal, Scottish airline Loganair is working with aerospace experts at Cranfield University to convert a nine-seater aircraft for use on short journeys between Kirkwall and Orkney’s other islands. Aberdeen-born Professor Iain Gray, director of aerospace at the Bedfordshire university, said a proposed consortium had been formed for the £10 million project, which has been named after 20th-Century Highlands and Islands air pioneer Captain Ted Fresson. Professor Gray said he believes Scotland has a “very significant role” to play in the development of electric aircraft and that the island-hopping services offer “an ideal introductory route for such an aircraft”.


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