SNP acts to maintain and enhance Scotland’s trade surplus


As you know, Scotland is the only part of the UK with a trade surplus

Deficit/Surplus in 2016

England           -£120 038 000 000

Wales              – £55 000 000

Scotland          +£2 148 000 000

N Ireland         – £4 039 000 000

This means that Scotland is the only viable part of the UK in the sense that it, like Germany, would require no borrowing to pay for imports.

England runs massive trade deficit. Only Scotland has a viable sustainable economy, exporting more than she imports thus requiring no national debt

Clearly determined to make sure this stays the case and preferably that it improves further, the SNP Government’s Programme for Government includes notification that a network of trade envoys will be appointed to help companies increase their exports.

Scotland already has two successful Innovation and Investment hubs in London and Dublin and will now add a further two in Berlin and Paris. France is our third largest overseas market.

Here’s an extract from the First Minister’s statement:

‘This Government is ambitious for Scotland’s economy, and we are optimistic about Scotland’s ability to meet the challenges of the future. Encouraging exports isn’t simply a good thing to do in itself, it’s also important to our shared aim of raising productivity.  We want to ensure that Scotland remains an open, outward looking, internationalist country. Part of that is about doing even more to promote Scottish businesses overseas.’

Once more, I see evidence here of a government that seems to know what it is doing. It’s very difficult to imagine the kind of people leading the opposition having the intelligence or the will to get on in this way.



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