Scottish Government pushes ahead to strengthen trade links as a bad Brexit looms.


On October 4th, I reported on the First Minister’s visit to Dublin to meet with the Taoiseach and deliver the keynote speech at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner.

Scotland to strengthen links with Ireland as well as Scandinavia and the Baltic as SNP Government prepares for Brexit

Now a formal arrangement to increase trade between the two countries is being developed under the title ‘Causeway.’ Here’s how the Scottish Business News Network describe it:

‘Causeway will help Scottish and Irish firms access networking opportunities and information in both markets. It has received funding from the Scottish and Irish governments to encourage trade.’

There are currently more than 100 Irish companies with around 6 000 employees, operating in Scotland and Ireland is the seventh largest importer of Scottish products and services.

As in earlier reports, I’m reminded of the fact that the Scottish Government is getting on with its day job as Westminster dithers over Brexit.


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