From the Arctic Circle to India: Scottish Government gets on with post-Brexit strategy


An earlier example of cultural exchange?

From the Scottish government website today:

‘Deputy First Minister John Swinney will visit India next week to further strengthen ties between the two countries. The visit will focus on Technology and Life Sciences, promote trade and investment and strengthen education and cultural links. Mr Swinney will be joined by a delegation of senior leaders from Scotland’s higher education sector.’

More detail at:

This is the latest in a sustained strategy to boost the Scottish economy with links from the Arctic to Canada and now India. I’m assured that unlike Theresa in Africa, Swinney will not be busting any moves. See these earlier reports:

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Scotland does already have the only positive trade balance in the UK. See:

Scotland remains only part of UK with strong trade surplus as Scotsman attempts to deceive with selective and out-of-date figures.



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