As Scottish Tories fiddle with themselves SNP have met possible economic partners more than 200 times


From yesterday:

‘First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will highlight Scotland’s growing political, cultural and business links with Ireland and explore the potential for further investment during a visit to Dublin. The First Minister, who will meet with the Taoiseach during the visit and host an investment round table with the Irish business organisation IBEC, will say that Ireland is hugely important as Scotland’s closest international trading partner with exports worth £1.5 billion going to Ireland in 2017.

This is the latest in a long line of attempts to compensate for Tory self-destructive behaviour.

In May 2018, I was able to report:

‘More than 200 engagements between Scottish Government ministers and European governments, institutions and organisations have taken place since the start of 2017. The ‘strong desire’ to connect with Scotland and listen to our views signals that the EU continues to see Scotland as an important partner – according to External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop. In just 16 months, Scottish Government ministers have initiated or accepted more than 200 meetings and visits with European partners, which on average means a European engagement has taken place at least three times per week.’

Getting on with the day job, as the Scottish Tories do SFA, we read in the Scottish Business News Network:

‘Scotland’s economic ties with Canada will be strengthened through the launch of a new Scottish Government office in Ottawa next month. The new Canada office will encourage investment between Canadian and Scottish businesses and organisations and promote Scotland as a place to work, study and visit along with encouraging collaboration between business, research, education and cultural institutions. Canada has consistently been a top 20 export partner for Scotland, with exports in 2016 totalling £610 million. It is also one of Scotland’s biggest inward investors, with around 3,650 jobs provided by 45 Canadian companies in Scotland.’

Earlier reports on SG working to forge new compensatory economic links are here:

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