Alex Cole-Hamilton tries to pressurise Scottish Government with old, ‘English’, whingedata

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Last Thursday Cole-Hamilton asked:

Though Cole-Hamilton appears to have read the above 76% figure in the 2019, From the Frontline, report, it is referring to the 2017, Destination GP, report which contains the actual results from the RCGP research into attitudes. The 2017 survey findings are based on only 9.4% of the 3 680 students in 30 UK medical schools from May to July 2017. Not only is this a small sample, it is a self-selecting sample, biased toward those holding a negative viewpoint, but it is also a UK-wide survey with no Scottish breakdown and thus not a valid indicator of morale amongst Scottish students.



Given the numerous indicators that GP practice in Scotland is a considerably preferable experience to that in parts of England, it seems unlikely the results would be similar here. For evidence see:

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2 thoughts on “Alex Cole-Hamilton tries to pressurise Scottish Government with old, ‘English’, whingedata

  1. William Henderson June 24, 2019 / 8:24 pm

    I suppose it’s tempting to just shake your head at the sheer inanity of the many questions thrown at the Scottish Government day in and day out. This one is just a recent example of the trend. However, has it struck the likes of A C-H that the contrast of the usual high-quality answers to the poor-quality questions is always in full view to anyone paying attention.

    Have the ‘opposition’ in the Scottish Parliament fallen into a way of thinking that makes it ok for a politician not of the party in power to ignore the need to think of policies alternative to those being followed at any given time? Do they, indeed, know what it is to have policies which justify the title of ‘politician’, or do they believe in their hearts that carping from the sidelines without a care for responsibility is endearing them to their constituents and justifying their very high pay? Is it, perhaps, just part of their perception of their function that they become nauseating human beings?

    Just asking…..

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