Report of GP staffing crisis in England appears before Scottish media can fake equivalent story


In the Independent today:

‘Millions of patients could lose their GP surgery within the next 12 months as factors such as stress contribute to a shortage of doctors, a new study has warned. More than 350 practices in England alone could face closure within a year as doctors quit the profession over working conditions, according to a new survey by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RSGP). In its study of 1,094 doctors across England, the RSGP found almost a third said they would not be working in general practice in five years, with stress and retirement cited as the most common reasons.’


The Scottish Sun has gone for the deceptively stupid solution of just pretending that they think the English study applies to Scotland too:

Not for the first time we see a lack of coordination in the propaganda units north and south of the border as they struggle to attack their different prime targets, the UK Tory government and Scottish SNP government with the same story. In some cases, the BBC in England has used NHS Scotland’s superior performance to attack the Tories failing to realise or perhaps not caring that this will then undermine their wee colleagues in Scotland.

Though not impossible, BBC Scotland will find it difficult to evidence problems in GP supply or performance in Scotland, given clear evidence to the contrary in these:

Scottish GP vacancy rate now only one -third of that in non-Scottish parts of UK

In the Scotsman today, 93% of Scottish patients get appointment with GP within 2 days!

They may have to resort to just telling a big porkie, once more.





4 thoughts on “Report of GP staffing crisis in England appears before Scottish media can fake equivalent story

  1. gavin December 3, 2018 / 7:59 pm

    GP staffing crisis? That is nothing!
    The bus from Cumnock to Auchinleck was 5 minutes late. Now THAT is a real BBC Hootsman crisis!

    Lord Baron Ffoulkes-Orf and North Brit Broon (who was on the Jaikie Show again tonight) would be , rightly, fair ragin’ about the imprecision of buses and the dangers thereof.
    Imagine if Kim Un-Jong was to meet The Donald off that bus. Maybe where the auld picture hoose used to be.
    And he was LATE! The very thocht of Kim with a pooch fu’ o’ nukes in the middle of Auchinleck! And nae Donald!

    Real journalism from the Rep Scotland staffers. Makes the Beano look like a comic!

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    • johnrobertson834 December 3, 2018 / 8:24 pm

      Thanks that was fun. Hoover on a serious note whose side are you on? Cumnock of Auchinleck?


      • gavin December 3, 2018 / 8:48 pm

        Born in a prefab in Auchinleck. Then an Ochiltree boy, but educated at Cumnock Academy.
        A bit of everything, as we all are, but aye and always, Ochiltree.

        “Ay, I ha’e heard the Burnock’s sang,
        An’ seen the Lugar creep,
        Lang lingerin’ by the auld kirkyaird
        Whaur a’ my forebears sleep;
        An’ I ha’e preed the pearly spring
        That bursts frae Gallowlea.
        An’ heard the lark an’ lintie sing
        Aroond auld Ochiltree.”

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