The tragic consequences of Tory-rule as NHS England’s cancer screening programmes all fail while in NHS Scotland…..sssh…no, I won’t


In the Independent today:

‘More people will die of preventable cancers and heart conditions because of the government’s failure to address “appalling” flaws in screening programmes, experts have warned. A damning report by MPs on the Public Accounts Committee found not one adult screening programme in England met its minimum target for health checks.’

Some will tell me that comparisons between England and Scotland are meaningless or, in cases such as this, insensitive. I know and sort of agree but in this propaganda war for Scotland’s future away from dysfunctional Great Britain, all is fair? So, for speed of response, see these recent TuS report suggesting there is at least something to be pleased with in terms of cancer treatment here:

NHS Scotland hits 31 day cancer waiting time target for third time in a row despite massive demand

In the quarter ending December 2018, 94.9% of patients started treatment in 31 days from decision to treat, hitting the demanding 95% target. The 0.1% deficit is not statistically reliable and should be rounded up using BBC Scotland’s editorial…

LATEST: 96.1% of Lymphoma blood cancer cases treated within target time

Thanks to Miles Briggs, again, we see another indicator of how well NHS Scotland is performing under this SNP administration. Notably, the median wait is only 35 days and the median wait…

Bias by extreme selection as BBC Scotland seriously distort your view on cancer care several times a day

Earlier in the day, we heard the fact that ‘the vast majority of’ or ‘95%’ of cancer patients expressing positivity about their care, could be presented by Reporting Scotland, as merely ‘most.’ It was a clear attempt to continue a…

Reporting Scotland describes 95% of cancer patients being positive as only ‘MOST being happy’

95% of Scottish cancer patients, ‘the vast majority’ are positive about their experience despite a massive increase in demand. Reporting Scotland chose to replace the statistic with the word ‘most’. Technically correct they’ll insist but given that 51% is ‘most’…

Reporting Scotland demonstrate how to fake a connection between NHS Tayside and Breast Cancer Deaths

Reporting Scotland returned tonight to their reporting on NHS Tayside’s treatment of breast cancer patients. The report contained no inaccuracies but through the sequencing of the information presented, created a causal connection not made by the Review Group report which…

NHS Scotland’s continually improving cancer treatment figures

Note: These are the latest such figures published today. As Reporting Scotland determinedly attempts to shake NHS Scotland to death, like a demented Border Terrier (other breeds are available), reliable statistics emerge to paint a different picture. You can…




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