Shocking new research blames NHS Highland bullying scandal on English settlers!


Though our Professor Robertson has cast doubt on the actual presence of a bullying culture at all in NHS Highland with his surgical demolition of the report and BBC Scotland’s reading of it, our Visiting Professor Naemeritus of Caledonian Population Studies, octogenarian, Iain MacGlashan (pic) has joined the fray by suggesting that any bullying culture is the result of large numbers of, as he puts it, ‘White Settlers’ in the glens of Highland Region (see map above).


MacGlashan in 1972

In his seminal 1956 study of six Buckinghamshire, retired chief accountants, MacGlashan concluded:

‘These assertive, upper-middle-class, Eton-educated individuals had not come to Highland villages to relax but, rather, to colonise, them by self-nomination for chair of the local community councils and to ensure control through bullying or by claiming to have been bullied by the locals ‘jocks.’

TuS is not responsible.



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