NHS Scotland’s continually improving cancer treatment figures



Note: These are the latest such figures published today.

As Reporting Scotland determinedly attempts to shake NHS Scotland to death, like a demented Border Terrier (other breeds are available), reliable statistics emerge to paint a different picture. You can see from the above table:

  1. A reduction to only 3 out of 17 targets not met.
  2. Targets exceeded in 14 of 17 cases.
  3. Incredibly high, near 100%, performance in the diagnosis and assessment phases.
  4. Performance improving year-on-year in 12 cases.
  5. The final target with worsening performance is pointless*.

*On further investigation (5), it appears that the increasing percentage is a function of a decreasing population, already very small, of those for whom home-based palliative care is not possible and for whom life beyond the 30-day target is less likely. The number treated in hospital has decreased by 25% from 2006 and the number treated at home has increased by around 20%.


See this:

‘The percentage of patients dying within 30 days of receiving palliative chemotherapy from breast cancer has increased from 7% in 2015 to 11% in 2017 which is above the target of <5%. It should be noted, however, that the number of patients in this category was relatively small in each year.’


Recent reports on related facts:

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