Tory Prof Tomkins gives us a laugh! What a guy!


Another parliamentary question we don’t need to wait for the official answer to:


FFS Adam, you were a leftie! You know the answer – reduce inequality! I know you were hoping to blame the feckless poor for stuffing their weans with Mars bars and cocaine in front of the TV but here’s evidence that core Tory policies to maximise corporate profits, reduce taxation, allow exploitative advertising, minimise public services and increase our opportunities to earn poverty wages and live in slums, creating and worsening inequality, are significantly to blame. You can read scatter-graphs and correlations, I hope?

infant mortality

mental illness


drug use

As for what the Scottish Government is doing to compensate for their policies, see these:

Scottish Government fighting Tory austerity helps thousands hit by benefits cuts

Brutal evidence of austerity in England & Wales as abortion rate soars 40% higher than in Scotland

New pregnancy and baby payments to offset Tory austerity in Scotland

Against the odds: Evidence of how SNP policies have defended Scotland against a least some of Tory austerity

Author AL Kennedy defends Scotland as more caring than ‘austerity England’

Scottish Government continues to fight brutal Westminster austerity politics

Landmark study links Tory austerity to 120,000 deaths

Scottish Government fights to protect against the effects of Tory austerity cuts.

Once more the SNP’s progressive housing policies are helping Scotland weather the storm of Tory austerity

The SNP’s response to Theresa May is to continue the fight against her heartless austerity cuts and to stand up for us

Another brass-neck award goes to the Scottish Tories!



3 thoughts on “Tory Prof Tomkins gives us a laugh! What a guy!

      • sam May 1, 2019 / 3:54 pm

        I have been writing to NHS Scotland asking about what it might do to raise public awareness of the fundamental causes of health inequalities in Scotland and the lack of devolved powers to address those causes. The links are what came back.

        NHS Scotland regards itself as apolitical and is therefore unwilling to campaign for more devolved powers or independence. Health inequalities are all about bad politics. So says the WHO.

        What is proposed here is innovative and undoubtedly useful – I hope. Note, though, the limitations placed on what can be achieved to address the fundamental causes of inequalities without independence or more devolved power.

        It would be great if you wished to convert some of this information into a post and /or put up the links.

        I am going to suggest to NHS Scotland that it seeks to make this topic one of those discussed at a Citizens’Assembly. I have hopes for that idea.

        Best wishes – you do a great job and are one of my favourite bloggers.



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