Once more the SNP’s progressive housing policies are helping Scotland weather the storm of Tory austerity

In an announcement on the 13th March, a group called ‘Warmworks’ claimed much credit for a ‘scheme for fuel poor hitting its 5K-customer milestone, a boost for jobs and skills in Scotland and balancing efficiency and support. ‘Warmworks Scotland’ has just assisted its 5,000th customer—a key milestone in its delivery of the Scottish Government’s Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme.

 I know the last phrase is there but it’s not giving enough credit for me. ‘Warmworks’ describes itself as an independent partnership between Energy Saving TrustEverwarm and Changeworks. The partnership also claims that it has created more than 300 new jobs, including 60 apprenticeships and that it requires that all employees in its supply chain are paid the Living Wage.

What Warmworks doesn’t make clear enough is that they are just the contractors who won the contract to deliver the scheme based on Scottish Government funding of £224 million energy efficiency drive, first declared in April 2015.

This kind of thing needs headlining so that Scottish voters are fully aware of another of many progressive policies launched by the Scottish Government in an effort to protect us from the worst Westminster can do. As for having to pay the Living Wage, that was a Scottish Government requirement rather than high ethical standards by an employer.




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