North American and English young people ‘significantly bigger bullshitters’ than Scots


This new large-scale research study based on a sample of more than 40 000 young people across the English-speaking world, has found Scots to be the least bull-shitterish, much less than the English (we knew that) and much, much, less than the Canadians (we didn’t?). The researchers found:

‘substantial differences in young people’s tendencies to bullshit.’

This table and explanation make our proud, yet at the same time modest, position clear:


‘Three broad clusters of countries seem to have emerged. At the top of the rankings are the two North American countries of the United States and Canada. With average scale scores of 0.25 and 0.3, these two countries have significantly higher bullshit scores than any other country. The next three countries (Australia, New Zealand and England) are in the middle of the rankings. Teenagers in these countries exaggerate less about their prowess, on average, than young people in Canada and the United States – by a magnitude equivalent to an effect size of around 0.1. However, they are also significantly bigger bullshitters than young people from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland who form the final group. The average bullshit scale score in these countries ranges between approximately -0.26 (Ireland and Northern Ireland) and -0.43 (Scotland) which is significantly lower than every other country. Moreover, the difference between these countries and North American is sizeable; equivalent to an effect size greater than 0.5. Consequently, despite speaking the same language, and with a closely shared culture and history, we find important variation across Anglophone countries in teenagers’ propensity to bullshit.’ (P13)

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2 thoughts on “North American and English young people ‘significantly bigger bullshitters’ than Scots

  1. gavin April 28, 2019 / 3:07 pm

    Disgracefully, though I am 100% Scottish, my loving wife and adoring children, seem to think I am full of “it”!

    I little exaggeration and waffle never hurt anyone, and tall tales and a wee bit blether helps us through this driech existence.

    Liked by 2 people

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