Scots more likely to volunteer and to…..


In the NCVO report today, Scots were reported as more likely to volunteer to help with charitable activity. A 3% difference is not huge but when you put it with a range of other indicators suggesting the same tendency, it ads up to something. See:

Are Scotland’s employers also different – more willing to pay a decent wage?

Scottish Nationalism is a very different and a better thing than English/British Nationalism and, at last, BBC Scotland seems to have faced up to the fact.

SNP moves to finally put an end to foxes’agony being ripped apart by hounds as the English Tories plan a return to the unspeakable business. Different again?

8% of the UK population and 28% of living wage employers. More evidence that we are different enough to want to run the whole show?

Racial hate crimes increase by 33% in England & Wales while falling by 10% in Scotland: Who says we’re not different?

90% of Scottish business people seem to have enlightened values. Another wee difference that would justify being a different country? Don’t we have Phillip Green types north of the border?

‘Scottish tooth fairies are the most generous.’ See, even more evidence we are different.

Further evidence of better employment practices in Scotland

Organ donor registration in Scotland is 37% higher than in England. Does it mean something more?

Unemployment in Scotland below UK level and employment better paid

Another difference? Health Care in Zambia or Fracking in China?

Becoming a better kinder country? ‘Quantifying kindness public engagement and place: Experiences of people in the UK and Ireland’

Why is long-term pay growth highest in Scotland?

Or see below the merciful other reality of employment in modern Scotland?

How to feel a bit better about the Equality and Human Rights Commission report

More evidence of a difference as 73% of Scots back increase in taxes for higher public spending

As Brits think empathy on the wane is SNP government helping to preserve it?



One thought on “Scots more likely to volunteer and to…..

  1. bigjon999 January 25, 2019 / 8:52 pm

    41% compared to 38% is 10% more (rounding up as per BBC guidelines) 🙂


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