Becoming a better kinder country? ‘Quantifying kindness public engagement and place: Experiences of people in the UK and Ireland’


This report from the Carnegie Trust adds a further strand to the debate, mostly here admittedly, about whether or not Scotland is to some extent distinct from rUk in terms of core values and how they are expressed in common behaviour, including in political decision-making. In particular, the evidence seems to point to a greater sense of collective or communitarian identity in Scotland and more egalitarian, tolerant, tendencies than in other parts of the UK. These recent previous reports give a flavour:

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To get many more going back a few years just search the blog for ‘differen’.

The Carnegie report published a few days ago (link to full report at bottom) presents findings from the first ever quantitative survey on kindness in communities and public services.’

The report is huge, but these two headline statements, on pages 4 and 5, catch the eye:

Experiences of kindness  were most common in Scotland and least common in England.

Experiences of kindness in services are highest in Scotland and lowest in England.

Three sample tables from the report show data reinforcing the notion of greater collectivism or community strength and perhaps caring, in Scotland and N Ireland:


They’re actually higher in three of these, in Scotland.


The contrasts with England are dramatic.




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