Progress on ending homelessness in Scotland


The Crisis chief executive and chair of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG), says that much progress has been made in the last year or so. Reported in Scottish Housing News, today:

‘Last week’s seminal debate at Holyrood and the publication of the Scottish Government Action Plan puts Scotland firmly at the forefront of committing to an end to homelessness. Among the many commitments in the Plan, there is now an agreement from the government to bring forward a legislative change to time limit stays in unsuitable emergency accommodation for all homeless people in the next parliamentary year, a legal change that Crisis in Scotland has been actively campaigning on. This action plan is a blueprint to make real and lasting change across Scotland, not only in ending homelessness but in tackling poverty and inequality and improving joined-up working across government departments and public bodies.’

This comes after earlier evidence of progress reported here:

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