Homelessness falls in Scotland as it rises in England, mainly driven by heartless Tory welfare reforms


In Scotland, homeless applications in 2015/2016, were down 4% on the previous year. There was a fall in 22 out of Scotland’s 32 local authorities. It’s thought that the continuing fall in homelessness, during the period of SNP administrations, is mainly due to the introduction of the Housing Options service in Scottish local authorities with an emphasis on prevention and the abolishment of the Priority Need Test in Scotland. The underlying drivers of homelessness such as UK Government welfare reforms remain the same and make the above fall something of an achievement. It is, of course, still wholly unsatisfactory that here should be any homelessness in this country.

In England, in sharp contrast, homelessness is on the rise from 11% in 2009/2010 to 32% in 2016/2017. According to a report from the National Audit Office (NAO), reported strangely in Scottish Housing News, households in temporary accommodation in March 2017, were 73% up on 2011. The NAO attribute this in the main to [Tory] welfare reforms. Homelessness has increased every year since 2010 with steep increase in rough sleeping and families living in temporary accommodation. English Ministers are accused by the NAO of being slow to understand the problem. I suspect that’s far too understanding of the NAO. Do they really think Tory minsters give a?




3 thoughts on “Homelessness falls in Scotland as it rises in England, mainly driven by heartless Tory welfare reforms

  1. Contrary September 15, 2017 / 8:27 am

    If you subscribe to the capitalist ideal, you need the great unwashed masses in poverty and sleeping on the streets to make that type of economy work – the Tories don’t need to subscribe to the capitalist ideal, but they do – as your other article made very clear – so why then the great unwashed would vote Tory when it consigns them and their future generations to unending struggle and poverty, I cannot fathom. People, eh?

    That nonsense Ruth was trying to promote (I know this is the wrong article) about capitalism ‘lifting people out of poverty’ just made me laugh, in an aghast bemused way, that someone would be so unaware of how their own beliefs work. Capitalism, in any form, causes poverty for the majority, by dint of its idealistic mechanisms (it cannot work, of course, the same as communism cannot work, in any practical sense – those are just extremes of idealism on which to measure actual working economies). I admit to not knowing enough to explain any of it very well.


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