Aberdeen most entrepreneurial in UK after Tooting


In that ‘throbbing organ’, the Insider yesterday:

Research showing that Aberdeen in the most entrepreneurial place in the UK after parts of London has been welcomed by business. The Local Data Company (LDC) recently published research into the evolving landscape of the high street, and found that in 2017-18, Aberdeen came second place in the net increase of independent retailers, seeing a growth of 39 independent shops in the city. Only Tooting in South London was above the Granite City with 43 more independent shops than the previous year. The LDC surveyed more than 300,000 independent shops, and this gives a picture of how local businesses are performing in 1,300 towns and cities across Great Britain.’


Recent good news about Aberdeen:

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Footnote: Many years ago, being teased about Scottish place-names such as Ecclefechan and Auchtermuchty, I responded, youthfully, with those possibly illegal active verbs – Tooting, Wapping, Epping, Dorking and Wanking before remembering that the latter is in China.

Footnote 2: According to a reliable source, Tooting is the hometown of that great Reggae performer Tooting and the Maytals.


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