Is Aberdeen booming again?



We already know that oil prices have stabilised and are likely to climb steeply by 2020:

‘North Sea oil output boost on horizon’ according to Reuters, only three months after we spotted it

Scottish Oil’s Confident Future: Three Reports

We also know that demand for office space in Aberdeen has soared recently. See:

‘Aberdeen office take-up for first half of 2017 exceeds entire 2016 figure. According to international real estate advisor Savills, office take-up in Aberdeen in the first half of 2017 has already reached approximately 270,000 sq ft (25,083 sq m), marking a 17% increase on total take-up for the whole of 2016 (c.231,000 sq ft / 21,469 sq m).’

And again, clear evidence Scottish economy is growing

We also know that jobs are returning to the North Sea:

As Scottish unemployment falls, North Sea employment starts to climb again

Now Insider magazine has visited the city and detects the air of a boom city again. Here’s a wee extract:

‘New offices are being built in the city centre as well as on the outskirts, the £550m Aberdeen by-pass (the AWPR) is on schedule for completion this winter, work is underway on the new £333m Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC), there are new hotels, Aberdeen Art Gallery is undergoing a £30m refurbishment and the Music Hall a £7m upgrade and £20m is to be spent on Union Terrace Gardens.’

There’s a bit of ‘Ah dinnae get carried awa wi yersel’  later in the article from the Aberdeen burghers but I’m not going to depress you with that.


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