Aberdeen University makes ‘step-change’ advance in MRI scanning


Research carried out by the School of Medicine, Medical sciences and Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen in collaboration with the Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre, EU-funded (!), has resulted in a leap forward in MRI imaging for biomedical research, clinical research and diagnosis purposes. Is it a quantum leap? I’m not qualified to say. Here’s what the news release says of it:

‘Our FFC-MRI project involves making a step change in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, by breaking one of its fundamental “laws” – that the applied magnetic field must be held constant during image acquisition. By deliberately switching the magnetic field during the collection of MR images, we are able to gain access to radically new types of endogenous contrast.’

I think that last bit might mean it gives a better picture or a picture of things you couldn’t see clearly before?

There’s a video which might help you understand it better at the link below:


What is clear, is that we have yet another example of Scottish HE at the cutting edge of research. See these earlier reports:

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