Child deaths on the road fall 61% to lowest level ever


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From the SNP Government, yesterday:

The latest statistics confirm that casualties on Scotland’s roads are at the lowest levels since records began. Through actions taken by all those involved in improving road safety, the longer-term trends show a 50% reduction in fatal injuries, a 39% reduction in serious injuries and a 61% reduction in child fatalities compared to the 2004-2008 baseline figures.’

It seems likely the controversial use of average speed cameras, so often criticised by Conservatives, have played a part in this:

SNP speed cameras reducing speed and saving lives. Will Jeremy Clarkson and his Scottish tory buddies now shut up?

Note: For the headline, I have identified the aspect of the report of most interest to the public using the respected Reporting Scotland Editorial Guidelines


5 thoughts on “Child deaths on the road fall 61% to lowest level ever

  1. Alasdair Macdonald October 26, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    Since there is nothing about this on the BBC Scotland website, clearly it is of no interest to the public.

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  2. Ludo Thierry October 26, 2018 / 4:35 pm

    Hi guys – Just to be scrupulously fair to beeb Scotland they did actually carry a fairly full piece on the website on 24/10/18. See link below. To my mind it was a perfectly well constructed piece – carrying the detailed info in generally readable form and carrying quote from relevant Minister (explaining that the good figures mustn’t obscure the individual tragedies for those involved and we must always strive for still lower figures) – Even the headline was an accurate description of the stats – snippets below. They correctly reported the increase in injuries involving cyclists (but also reported the drop in fatal accidents involving pedal cyclists). They absolutely can do their journalistic thing when they want to – let’s hope the habit takes better root and spreads a bit further within their ranks.

    Major drop in Scottish road deaths and casualty numbers
    24 October 2018
    • The number of people killed on Scotland’s roads plummeted by 24% last year to 146.
    • Official figures showed the fatalities included two children, 10 fewer than in 2016.
    • Overall casualty numbers fell by 14% to 9,428 – the lowest number since records began.
    • Transport secretary Michael Matheson welcomed the decline but said the figures would offer little comfort to families who lost loved ones.
    • The Transport Scotland report found five cyclists – three fewer than 2016 – were killed while six more pedestrians lost their lives, up from 32 to 38.
    • It also revealed the number of people seriously injured decreased by 6% to 1,589.
    • In 2017 there were 901 child casualties, down 10% on the previous 12 months.
    • The report said 152 children were seriously injured, down from 167 in 2016.
    • The number of pedal cyclists and motorcyclists injured rose by 16% and 5% respectively.
    • But the number of car users and pedestrians hurt fell by 13% and 6%.

    Mr Matheson said: “The latest statistics confirm that casualties on Scotland’s roads are at the lowest levels since records began.

    “While I and the Scottish Government’s road safety partners can welcome this long-term trend of decreasing road casualties since 2004 – this fact brings no comfort to the friends and relatives of people who have tragically died on Scotland’s roads.

    The number of people killed or injured on the roads has been falling year on year for over a decade, with 16,239 casualties recorded in 2007, including 281 fatalities.

    But the latest figures showed an increase in the number of cyclists who were seriously hurt in road accidents, up from 148 in 2016 to 171 last year – making this the highest for 10 years.

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    • Alasdair Macdonald October 26, 2018 / 5:14 pm

      I stand corrected.


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