First UK wind turbine repair and recycling centre opens in Scotland

Swaffham 1 Wind Turbine Damage


In Energy Voice yesterday:

‘Part of a quarter of a million investment, west coast firm Renewable Parts said it hopes the business will herald the “next phase in the industry’s development”…..The new £250,000 investment will see the firm connect with its aftermarket spares warehouse in Renfrew, near Glasgow, to provide a full turbine repair and recycle service.’

From University of Strathclyde VP:

‘I think the courage, the investment and the commitment that I’ve learned about from Renewable Parts Ltd. makes this a massive success story.  Scotland needs more of this and it’s of great personal pride for me that my institution is so heavily involved with Renewable Parts through the development of a productive strategic partnership.

Previous good news on wind power in Scotland:

First subsidy-free onshore wind farm for Scotland?

Scotland’s world-first offshore wind farm electricity to cost less than half that of Hinkley Point C nuclear and has ability to withstand hurricanes.

Scotland’s offshore wind electricity generation capacity could be five times greater by 2030

Another 1 GWh wind farm taking our current supply up enough for 3 200 000 homes to be built in forest near Dumfries. 100% renewable energy by 2030? More like 1 000%.



One thought on “First UK wind turbine repair and recycling centre opens in Scotland

  1. Alasdair Macdonald October 11, 2018 / 7:56 pm

    This is a logical development of the concept of ‘sustainability’. Like any energy generating system, which requires movement of parts, there will be wear and tear and these will require maintenance and, eventually replacement. The more renewables generating units there are, the more maintenance and replacement that will be required and so, projects like this become more viable economically. It develops practitioner expertise and, with that comes innovation. It is what is called a ‘virtuous circle’.

    Such turbine have parts which are precision engineered and it makes sense to try to reuse them.


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