First subsidy-free onshore wind farm for Scotland?


(c) Iberdrola

From Energy Voice yesterday:

‘Scotland could soon host the UK’s first ever subsidy-free onshore wind farm, industry chiefs suggested yesterday…. “Someone in this room today will manage that feat,” Rachel Anderson, head of external affairs at green power firm RES, said at the Scottish Renewables conference in Edinburgh.’’

This is important news set against a background of diminishing UK government support for, especially, windfarms. It comes after earlier signs of the increasing competitiveness of renewables reported here:

Scotland’s world-first offshore wind farm electricity to cost less than half that of Hinkley Point C nuclear and has ability to withstand hurricanes.

Scottish electricity generation from renewables costs to fall to a quarter of nuclear costs by 2040

Subsidy costs for Scottish off-shore wind and tidal energy farms likely to fall below those needed for new nuclear plants making the latter an even more stupid choice

Based on the above trends, I’d have said subsidy-free renewables electricity production was already on the way, anyway.


2 thoughts on “First subsidy-free onshore wind farm for Scotland?

  1. Ludo Thierry March 29, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    The new and better Scotland emerges bit by bit before our very eyes. From news site today:

    68.1% of gross electricity consumption in Scotland met by renewables.

    New figures demonstrate renewable electricity generation in Scotland in 2017 increased by 26% on last year, and 14% on the previous record year in 2015, making 2017 a record year for renewable electricity generation and for the first time ever Scotland has more than 10GW of installed renewable capacity.

    The latest figures show that in 2017, it is estimated that the equivalent of 68.1% of gross electricity consumption came from renewable sources, up 14.1 percentage points from 54% in 2016. This is 45 percentage points more than the equivalent figure for the rest of the UK.

    Despite the britnats mucking around with the various support price mechanisms, withdrawing promised funding etc – the sustainable energy revolution (Caledonian branch) continues to gather pace.

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