Young Syrian refugees happier in Scotland than in the non-Scottish parts of the UK. More evidence of difference?


I haven’t written for some time on the topic of ‘Are Scots and Scottish society different, is it a difference which makes a difference, and can it play a part in justifying  self-government?’ A University of Glasgow research report, ‘Building a new life in Britain’, seems to support the thesis that we are:

‘Moreover, young Syrians appear to be much happier in Scotland than in England (49% against 30%). These emotions feed directly into young Syrians’ plans for their future in the UK, with 81% of those in Scotland intending to remain in the country, compared to 65% of those in England’ (p20).

The report also notes that young Syrians in Scotland are better supported with 72% having state-subsidised accommodation compared to only 46% in England. Similarly, 70% had state subsidies as the main source of income compared to 47% in England. This means that young Syrians had far better living-conditions’ with only 11% in shared accommodation compared to 28% in England. content/uploads/2018/07/building_futures_policy_report_1_july_2018-1.pdf

Earlier reports on ‘difference’:

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£13.8 million in support for bereaved families from……? BBC Scotland, who is it from? Could it be from the Scottish Government? Don’t want to say?

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There’s more.


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