Spending by tourists in Scotland soars by infinitely more than in non-Scottish parts of UK!


(c) Visit Scotland

More measurable than spend, the number of tourists visiting Scotland in 2017, increased by 17% while for the UK, as a whole, it only increased by 1%. However, according to Office for National Statistics (OSN) data released yesterday, tourist spending in Scotland increased by a whopping 23% while in the UK, it fell by 1%.

I’m not a mathematician (no, really, I’m not) so can that even be expressed as a ratio or am I correct in saying it’s just infinitely more in Scotland?

This has been happening since well before 2017 with several reasons offered. See these earlier pieces for more:

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4 thoughts on “Spending by tourists in Scotland soars by infinitely more than in non-Scottish parts of UK!

  1. Alasdair Macdonald July 21, 2018 / 7:43 am

    Of course your headline is crap and your arithmetic in this case is piss-poor ……. but, of course, that is the point. You have produced the kind of headline that appears almost everyday in our newspapers and on TV and radio.

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    • Contrary July 22, 2018 / 8:42 am

      Haha, Alasdair’s assessment is brutal but quite accurate I think! Including this is what we get from the normal media outlets, so good for you putting the spin full-on! If we just continually put nice factual reporting out there, we will never balance the extremes of MSM reportage, they manipulate and spin and cry out that it is real, but it is only real in their own narrow mindset of how to make numbers look how they want it to look. So to take the other extreme to balance the books is valid, and will likely make people think harder about what they are being told.

      Infinity, I believe, is a mathematical concept, which has rules, and it may be frowned upon to use it in a statistical setting, which might not involve the use of infinity: comparing a negative with a positive will be unlikely to result in infinity without careful manipulation: Please don’t start dividing by zero and stuff, I’ll accept the social concept of infinity as valid, we don’t need the detail, honestly.


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