Far from Teed Off: Golf tourism ‘drives Scottish economy’…..a bit

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Getting a little carried away, yesterday’s Press & Journal, kind of overstated the role golf tourism plays in the Scottish economy. I’m not sniffing at £286 million, but tourism overall, according to gov.scot accounts for around £6 billion!

However, it’s not nice to be grudging, the story is worth telling and makes important points about golf’s regional value:

‘Regionally, economic value of golf tourism to Aberdeenshire….. is £15.3million, with 360 jobs supported. Across the Highlands….the sport brought in £23.2million and supported 643 jobs. The study found the value has risen by 30% = or £66 million – since 2008. Across Scotland the pursuit supports 4,700 jobs. It also showed that overseas golfing visitors spend on average £338 per night during a trip to Scotland, which is more than 4 times the daily spend of an average overseas visitor. The North American market remains key, representing 30% of all overnight golfing visitors with 14% coming from Europe.’

I don’t play and yet I live in Ayrshire. Deportation must be a risk for me.




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