‘Scotland enjoys tourism boost thanks to interest in Gaelic’


I’ve already reported on the possible impact of Outlander on tourism at:

‘Outlander links see visitors to historic sites soaring’

According to Historic Environment Scotland:

‘The use of Gaelic in the hit TV series Outlander has sparked increased interest amongst visitors to Scotland and historic sites linked to the show are continuing to see significant rises in tourist numbers.’

I’m not sure how they have established that the use of Gaelic is increasing visits but nevertheless HES have produced a video series: ‘Gaelic for Outlanders’. Lesson one has had just over 5 000 views. It’s not really a lot in Youtube terms but let’s not be mean. You’ll find it at:


HES now propose raising the profile of Gaelic at many of their historic sites to further exploit the link with the series with more Gaelic signage and Gaelic-inscribed gifts.


iomchaidh gu leòr


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