List of headlines for easy review of recent posts.

A critical friend commented on the layout of my blog where you have to scroll down for ages to find things. So, I thought I'd do a list of recent ones with just headlines and urls for easy access.

Food and Drink Special: Scotland’s exports surge and new SNP policies will maintain the growth.

North Sea oil and gas is on the crest of a ‘Third Wave’ and the SNP Government is already supporting plans for it

SNP Government is leading the way in the UK, in building affordable and social rented housing, in welfare reform and in serious plans to tackle child poverty

‘Scotland’s youth unemployment rate is now the lowest since records began and it’s the second lowest youth unemployment rate in the EU. Scotland’s productivity grows four times faster than UK’

The non-reporting of the Scottish Government’s commitment to affordable housing reflects the inability of our political journalists to highlight any good news coming out of Holyrood.

Are more Scots ‘Just about managing’ thanks to the SNP’s progressive policies to resist Tory austerity? And, Robert the Bruce wasn’t a leper!

Teckle! Dundee Good News Special

Forth Valley Royal Hospital’s Ageing and Health Integrated Care Ward Commended

Marks and Spencer to go 100% Scotch and Govanhill to get massive Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council investment

‘Why your first robot might speak with a Scottish accent’

Fighting Tory austerity again, the SNP Government steps in to help 100 000 small businesses, district heating schemes and small-scale hydro schemes.

‘Hedge Funds Bet Big on Oil’

SNP Minister intervenes to ensure more fish are landed in Scotland to benefit both fishermen and local businesses that depend on fishing

Two Massive Investments Confirmed for Skye and Dounreay

Visitors to Scotland’s historic sites surge by 470 000 to reach more than 4.5 million, breaking all records, in only 11 months!

‘Oban set to become marine tourism hub’



6 thoughts on “List of headlines for easy review of recent posts.

  1. broadbield February 25, 2017 / 3:26 pm

    Funny, I was thinking the exact same this morning. Some bloggers have a list of previous articles (as hyperlinks) on the rhs. It would make the Good News archive easily accessible.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jomry February 25, 2017 / 8:03 pm


    WordPress will have a facility for displaying recent articles in a side column or footer- as Broadbield suggests above. Exact method will depend on your template – or you may have to download a widget to do it. Haven’t used WP for a while. But it would avoid having to publish the list in the flow of your articles

    Another way is to put a link in your header to a separate page in which you paste the “live” summaries as above. So the “ABOUT” link which used to be in your header could be changed to RECENT ARTICLES and its content would be the pasted links above.

    I posted some info to your previous “About” section about using Scoop-it to provide a possible graphic “Recent Articles” function. This had a link to a dormant scoop-it portal as an example. I don’t know whether you got this before your “About” section disappeared. I can repost if necessary. However, I have just updated the portal with your recent 3 articles.( see )It literally took me 90secs to log in and paste the 3 urls, So if you set up your own scoop-it portal, you could link the “RECENT ARTICLES” in your header to the Scoop-it portal which would then serve as your “Recent articles” section, simultaneously giving them more exposure.

    Best wishes


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