Scottish Wildlife Trust gets boost from both the National Heritage and the People’s Postcode Lotteries



First, announced by the Trust on the 24th February, £2.46 million is to go to efforts to save the Red Squirrel of which Scotland has 75% of the UK’s population. I’m told that it is nothing to do with them being Scottish that makes them gingers. There are actually 120 000 which is a bigger number than I expected but this marks a bit of a reversal of their decline over the last eight years, due to the funded efforts of the Trust to control the invasive, non-native, grey squirrels (Is that kind of, like, racism?) and the deadly squirrelpox virus.

When I spotted the above news, the SWT website also had an older, 30th January, lottery-related story worth repeating I’m sure. They’re to receive £525 000 in 2017 from the People’s Postcode Lottery. The Chief Executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust said:

‘The Scottish Wildlife Trust was fortunate enough to be one of the first charities supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery…Support from players helps to protect Scotland’s amazing wildlife including ospreys and red squirrels, and create stronger links between people and nature. Building these connections through education and public events is a vital part of protecting Scotland’s wildlife for the future.’

I know this could be read as a Better Together story but Scots are big lottery players and we get back less than we should thanks to the London-centric spending. Remember the Olympics, the Royal Opera House? See this:

‘Lottery funds have disproportionately benefited most prosperous and arts engaged communities in England, report reveals’

An independent Scottish National Lottery for Scottish beasties!


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