Marks and Spencer to go 100% Scotch and Govanhill to get massive Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council investment

Is there an M&S in Govanhill? I doubt it’ll be part of the investment.

‘Thousands of sheep needed for M and S’ contract’

‘After complaints about M&S selling lamb form non-Scottish sources such as New Zealand, the company has given in and has announced today a promise to sell 100% Scottish lamb in Scottish stores. This means an increased demand for around an additional 10 000 to 12 000 stock to be procured and must be very good news for Scottish farmers.

Steve McLean, head of agriculture at M&S, said:

“We know that our customers really like to buy regionally-sourced meat, so we have been working hard with our suppliers to find a way to bring them a year-round supply of delicious fresh lamb from Scottish farms. In 2016, we sourced UK lamb for 42 weeks of the year. For 2017, we have not made the switch to New Zealand lamb in our Scottish stores and instead will supply 100% Scotch lamb throughout the entire year.”’

Apologies to veggie readers.

Significant investment in Govanhill.

 Govanhill’s housing stock as we all know is in great need of improvement. A major part of the problems in the area is the neglect of properties by private owners, so the first stage of the project announced on the 17th February 2017, will be to bring around 350 homes into public ownership so that repairs and other improvements can be made. The total investment will be £34 million with £20 million coming from the Scottish Government and the remainder hopefully from Glasgow City Council.

 Glasgow City Council’s Executive Committee will probably invest a further £14m in the programme, once it has met to vote on the package. There has already been a successful pilot scheme, the South-West Govanhill Property Acquisition and Repair Programme, where 124 flats were brought into housing association ownership so that vital repairs could be carried out.

The SNP Government and the Labour Glasgow city Council in are working cooperation? Now there’s something.


18 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer to go 100% Scotch and Govanhill to get massive Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council investment

  1. Contrary February 20, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    Oh that is excellent news re Govanhill. I have just made a comment the previous article about social housing / affordable homes, mentioning that I think private renting should be banned (perfectly reasonable), so am pleased to see the housing association taking over private tenencies! Wonder how much they had to pay for the buildings? Really good news though.

    Have the councils in Glasgow stopped trying to sell off the parks in Glasgow yet? I’ll have a wee browse, but it is when I hear something like that that makes me want councils to adopt a ‘greater transparency’ approach to what they do. Working in cooperation with the Scottish government? Is it possible?

    Re. M&S supplying Scottish lamb,,, does this mean they will stop putting (sweary word) Union Jacks all over my dinner?!? Not that I buy my dinner there, but all the supermarkets are doing it, and I DO NOT WANT flags stuck all over my food, certainly not a flag that effectively represents fascism and bigotry. I can just about tolerate a tiny Italian flag on a packet of pasta, or a small saltire on a rather nice ginger loaf cake (that Tescos have stopped making!), but that’s it. I actually went into Waitrose one of the last weeks, they do sell a nice hand cream, and I had to stumble out of the shop in horror, feeling nauseous and dizzy from the number of union jacks plastered all over the place. It was horrible.

    Why put flags all over the food? Did someone, after a brain transplant from a goat, decide it would be great PR exercise and sell more food? I cannot see ANY reason for it, if you want to say something vague, just WRITE ‘produced in Britain’ or ‘British beef’ e.g.. Or are we no longer expected to be able to read when we go shopping?? I’m nearly starving from NOT buying food with union jacks plastered over it! And I’m furious that they (whoever they are) would put me in such an awkward position. Is this a government decree, or a CHOICE made by so-called successful businesses? It would also be inconvenient for me if all the supermarkets went out of business because of such a stupid packaging decision, and that makes me furious too. I mean, really, why would you make a choice of food based on if it has a flag on it? Can you even imagine buying Union Jack raspberries in preference to Perthshire raspberries?! Madness! Unthinkable! I really really want to know who came up with the idea. And what if I want to know how many food-miles my cabbage has travelled? A Union Jack doesn’t help! It could have been transported 500 yards or 500 miles, and I wouldn’t know how much polluting fuel that cabbage guzzled to get to me!? ,,, hmm, perhaps a cabbage wasn’t the best example there,,,

    Um. Rant over. I haven’t taken the opportunity to vent my shopping frustrations on this matter before, so kind of needed to let it out.

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    • Contrary February 21, 2017 / 12:08 am

      Just to carry out a promise of posting links to information I only ever vaguely give, here are some that I found re councils and selling public green spaces (and a couple of other things) :
      England’s parks getting sold off? Looks like English councils make a hobby out of it.
      A rather lengthy piece reflecting the relationships between local and (Scottish) national governments from a year ago – interesting to compare with now.
      Here is one green space that has been saved from council sell-off. It says they fought for 8 years to prevent the sale – are the councils meant to be working for local people? You would have thought they would have realised it was not a popular decision after 4 years?
      A lot of the green space in Glasgow is now protected it seems – maybe the anecdotal news of parks being sold off was mistaken?
      Ah, it is only 27 out of how many? green spaces that are protected.
      Well, looks like there is some sneaky selling-off going on after all – this is a site at broomhill, and Glasgow city council is reneging on an understanding not to sell it.
      Interesting blog site, this article is stating that the Daily Mail has been deemed a too unreliable source for Wikipedia
      Interesting report on community gardens in Glasgow. I only really read the concluding remarks, on page 18, where there is interesting comment on the gentrification of an area due to community gardens, this can push up house prices and squeeze out the poorer people for whom the gardens were created in the first place.


      • Contrary February 21, 2017 / 7:50 pm

        Um, yeah, sorry about it being a huge list, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to find the information I wanted, so I ended up getting sucked into Internet-world. It is a bit like the twilight zone.

        There is also quite a good piece by the guardian on the 2nd of Feb 2017 re: north kelvin meadow, praising progressive government policy on making councils give up land and buildings they are not using (sorry, I’ve lost the link to that) for community projects.


    • Finnmacollie February 21, 2017 / 9:01 am

      Contrary, I too am getting mightily pissed off with the proliferation of Union Flags all over our food. I also wondered if it was some sort of government directive to promote “The Great British Brexit”
      We have been shopping at our local Aldi since it opened, and they were good at promoting Scottish produce. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, their Maris Piper potatoes – which had been packaged in a bag bearing the Saltire and the logo Scottish Potatoes overnight became British Potatoes wrapped in a Union Flag. The supplier code for both packages was the same and referred to a farm in Angus. My wife e-mailed Aldi’s complaints dept. and asked for an explanation. She was fobbed off with waffle about supporting Team GB (didn’t the Olympics finish some time ago?) but the threat of taking her business elsewhere seems to have worked as the potatoes are now back to their original packaging.

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      • Contrary February 21, 2017 / 7:41 pm

        Oh well done putting in a complaint – I didn’t know if that was too unreasonable or not, should have done it before now but it also annoyed me that they’d done something that made me want to complain!! I can be a bit,,, contrary sometimes.

        What good news that the tatties went back to being scottish! It must have been such a relief. I will start putting in complaints now 🙂 I believe teamGB funding has been cut, so plastering union jacks everywhere in support of them is a bit of a cheek.

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  2. Hugh Wallace February 21, 2017 / 11:36 am

    As a Scot’s-New Zealander/Kiwi-Scot I am not sure if I should be happy about the first story or not. However, as an environmentalist I think I can be.

    Definitely happy about the second story regardless of my origins.

    Flaming union flags on food. I noticed a dramatic rise in their number after 2014 but hadn’t noticed a more recent one too.


    • Contrary February 21, 2017 / 7:58 pm

      Word is, New Zealand, certainly in the South Island anyway, is branching out into cow & dairy farming these days, so the lack of Scottish consumption of NZ lamb hopefully won’t affect them too much.

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      • Hugh Wallace February 22, 2017 / 7:10 pm

        NZ has a long history of farming cattle and their exports of lamb got a real thumping when the UK joined the EEC way back in the 80s so I doubt the loss of the Scottish market will make much of a difference. To be completely honest, I don’t buy NZ lamb if any UK sourced stuff is available.


  3. broadbield February 21, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    Good news on both counts. Our housing stock really has to upgraded. I believe we have some of the worst in Europe, damp, poorly insulated, badly built and with little regard for environmental factors. As for design (or lack of, don’t get me started). Poor housing also has a bad effect on health.

    RE lamb, we buy ours direct from an organic producer in Moffat.


  4. Clydebuilt February 21, 2017 / 2:23 pm

    A good news about Marks and Sparks……. Would have been even better if they were to sell 100% Scottish Lamb in The rest of the UK.

    Heard good news on BBC radio Scunnerd from Ken. MacDonald ….. There are more Satellites in Earth orbit manufactured in Glasgow than from any other European city……..

    About 19% of the UK satellite / space workforce is based in Scotland. (Assuming that means Glasgow).

    Before 9am heard a Prof. Grant Jarvie from Edinburgh University Academy of Sport. Was discussing access to sport for all…… Said that there were very man good things going on in Scottish Sport and it is important that this gets broadcast. Because it’s not happening. …. (BBC interviewer) OK! Interview petered out.

    Your Talking Up Scotland message is catching


    • Contrary February 21, 2017 / 8:58 pm

      Oh yes, there was quite a lot of news this morning on the radio, the only odd bits were: some madman telling us that yellow goblins that only turn green on the third Tuesday of every month would lose £400 of income and would need to use food banks because of the crazy tax reforms the SNP are bringing in (I may not have got all the details correct there, I have a terrible memory), and the non sequitur (is that the correct term?) randomly thrown in about some obscure biplane crash in Melbourne where a few Americans died,,, (surely there have been a lot more accidents than this throughout the world? Was there a reason for reporting this one? Really odd).

      But satellites! Yes, the thriving satellite industry, mostly around Glasgow, was reported not that long ago, and positively reported (on the radio). This morning they said that there are a few places in Scotland putting in bids for a space launch site! Very exciting. Prestwick, um, and another two locations up north. Competition is with Cornwall and Wales (thought they were a tiny bit vague on that last location). The radio presenter, I believe Ms Millar (usually quite the unionist fanatic), said with relish ‘and that would mean,,, space tourism!’. Well, tourism aside – she obviously isn’t aware that it costs a fortune to put even the tiniest thing into space & that everyone is doing it – the income from research centres, industry and universities throughout Europe wanting to use the launch site could be pretty big, and we could get our grubby little paws on it. … Ah, well, if we were an independent country maybe we could, oh well. Space is bigger than oil. Very exciting anyway.

      I was too busy ranting about Union jacks to notice that M&S are only using Scottish lamb in Scotland,,, now, fair enough, when they say they want to use LOCAL produce – but that begs the question about how you define ‘local’, they are assuming, then, that England is not local to Scotland? ,,, so, they should STOP putting Union jacks on my food! They do do a rather nice quality toilet paper with fishies on, normally minus flags, but if I can’t buy even a packet of ham without a flag while there, I won’t go in. (I have complex shopping needs) (but will now stop ranting about flags & do the complaint thing instead).

      I caught a bit of Newsdrive on radio Scotland this evening, they did a piece on young carers, talking about the stress they are under etc, and actually (my imagination? I do appear to interpret the world differently from others at times) seemed to… praise, sort of, the Scottish government, for the reforms they were bringing in to support young carers & the reporter said she really hopes it works. Maybe it was a labour-led committee that pushed the reform, that must be it.

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