Teckle! Dundee Good News Special


© Greg Brotherton: A Global Domination Accelerator (see below)

‘Teckle’ means ‘braw’ or ‘guid’ in Dundee. I knew some Dundonians and they taught me it. I stumbled across this wee story below, from today, but it triggered a search which revealed a bigger good news story from March 2016 which seems worth telling or retelling.

£50K Project Launches in Dundee

I know, £50K isn’t much but in the context of an already bigger vibrant economy it’s evidence of continuing confidence.

In the Evening Telegraph we read:

‘The Global Domination Accelerator for the Scottish games sector will be delivered by Elevator on behalf of Scottish Enterprise, and is now open for applications from software and gaming companies with international growth ambitions based throughout Scotland. The project will assist around 15 participants in the initial eight-month programme and was launched at the offices of Outplay Entertainment, the largest independent mobile developer in the UK.’

A Global Domination Accelerator is a possibility? Don’t tell Putin, Trump or Theresa, for that matter. We don’t want them getting their hands on one of those.


That just made me think. Isn’t Dundee already big in the world of new technologies? I found this from the 23rd March 2016

‘Dundee Listed as Top Technology City’

The Tech Nation Report for 2016 is too long for me to fully include all the details of here. I recommend you have a look at the original. This extract is probably enough to impress:

‘Whilst Dundee has traditionally been considered a ‘games’ city, it’s now mobile software development that’s playing a key role in driving the city’s economic growth. Dundee’s economic growth is now being driven by generating revenues throughout the rest of the UK (particularly London) and globally.  In the digital age, Dundee’s companies, particularly software firms, are operating on a global scale as the city continues to punch above its weight. The city scored highly as a hub for a multitude of different digital companies who work using a variety of technologies across multiple sectors. Here are some of the stats from the report:

  • Since 2010 Dundee’s digital turnover has risen by 129%
  • Dundee now has the third fastest growing digital turnover in the UK
  • Since 2010 Dundee’s GVA (Gross Value Add) has grown by 42%
  • Dundee’s GVA now sits at £61.4 million
  • There are now 3,318 jobs in Dundee related to the digital tech economy



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