Good news for Scottish economy and for workers

From Insider yesterday further evidence of the robust Scottish economy, of the kind not found in crude GDP figures:

‘Demand for permanent staff continued to rise last month – but at a slower rate than during 2018, says a survey by Royal Bank of Scotland. That bucked the wider UK trend, though the increase was at the weakest pace in around two-and-a-half years. The availability of candidates to fill the jobs dropped, while salaries for permanent new starts also showed strong growth in May. On pay, the salaries awarded to permanent new starts increased strongly during May.’

Other evidence of an economy resisting some of the negative effects of Tory policies:

‘Scottish economy growth overtakes that of UK’From Anarcho-syndicalist, Cybernat (NOT), Insider, yesterday: The rate of growth in the Scottish economy has overtaken that of the UK, according to official statistics. Figures published on Wednesday show that in the fourth quarter of last year,…

ECONOMY STRONG: ‘Jobs available in Edinburgh soar by 80% in two years’A quickie from Insider: ‘The number of jobs advertised in Edinburgh has surged 80% in two years, according to new analysis. There has also been a rise in the number of people applying for jobs in Scotland’s capital,…

Scotland’s marine economy predicted to grow by 7 timesFrom Energy Voice yesterday: ‘A new report has forecasted that Scotland’s marine economy will grow seven-fold to be worth £5billion by 2035 if it can successfully develop key industries. The document, produced by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), sets out…

Yet more objective evidence Scotland’s economy healthy in SNP care5.4 million already! In my favourite not-Marxist, not-Nat, business magazine, Insider yesterday, evidence of booming demand for HR professionals: ‘Average entry-level HR administrators’ salaries rose to £19,000 – up on £17,000 two years ago. There was a growing demand for…

More objective evidence of a strong Scottish Economy in 2018From Insider yesterday: The return of UK investors to the market helped the Scottish commercial property sector deliver one of its strongest years in 2018. More than £2.5 billion was invested in offices, retail, industrial and specialist property in…

Scottish labour market outperforms UK revealing more evidence of health in economyOne of several objective measures of health in an economy, unlike say the dubious GERS figures, is growth in the number of staff appointments. The latest RBS Jobs Market Report shows permanent that staff appointments increased at an ‘historically marked’…

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