ECONOMY STRONG: ‘Jobs available in Edinburgh soar by 80% in two years’

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A quickie from Insider:

‘The number of jobs advertised in Edinburgh has surged 80% in two years, according to new analysis. There has also been a rise in the number of people applying for jobs in Scotland’s capital, increasing around 36% from 178,584 in 2016 to 242,089 in 2018. Figures from job platform Totaljobs showed that the number of posts advertised rose 80% from 13,304 in 2016 to 23,943 in 2018.’

As before, this news gives me the opportunity to remind you of previous good news on the jobs front:

Unemployment in Tory UK is 15% higher than in Scotland

Unemployment in Scotland 13% lower than UK and wages higher AFTER SNP government gives businesses more than £4 billion in rates relief

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Or see below the merciful other reality of employment in modern Scotland?

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As oil prices soar and exploration increases, employment in Scotland’s oil industry returns to record levels



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