Good news for most of us and a sign of economic growth but for BBC Scotland?

This morning, BBC Scotland News told us:

‘Scottish businesses struggled to hire new staff last month…’

Predictably, they didn’t look at this ‘news’, selected from an RBS study, from the perspective of the majority of their viewers; that this is good news for job-seekers, nor did they consider the obvious point that this news tells us something good about the Scottish economy. We know that demand for office and industrial space is increasing and that this is because the business opportunities are increasing. So, employers struggling to fill posts almost certainly means that their demand for workers is likewise increasing, for the same reason. Don’t viewers deserve something informative on just why businesses are struggling to hire rather than just leaving the negative aspect dangling?

See these earlier reports evidencing this good news:

SNP blamed as private businesses experience too much demand and overcrowding with new staff second only to Labour-mayored London.

More real economic strength revealed as demand for Glasgow office space increases dramatically

Robust Scottish Economy Indicator No. 47*: Demand for office space up 96%




One thought on “Good news for most of us and a sign of economic growth but for BBC Scotland?

  1. Alasdair Macdonald February 8, 2019 / 12:05 pm

    The creation of unemployment has always been one of the most effective strategies that vested interests (who make laws in their own interests, using their agents in Westminster, Whitehall and the English Legal System – ‘the best in the world!!?????’) in controlling the general population and reducing wages or ‘driving down costs’ as the business correspondents admiringly and euphemistically describe it. If demand for labour grows, then by the ‘laws of supply and demand’, which the current economic market hegemony predicts, then wages will rise and, equally importantly, conditions of service and various employment protections (or ‘red tape’ as the media Tories will describe it) will be improved. People will become EMPOWERED!

    The vested interests cannot have that! So, the increased demand is portrayed as a ‘shortage’ and, of course, the shortage is due to the ‘failing Scottish Education System’ (producing illiterates according to the Labour politician, Ms Kezia Dugdale) or to the ‘fecklessness’ of British workers according to a powerful group within the Tory Party. So, wage caps need to be introduced (but not on bonuses or preference share dividends), and anti trade union legislation has to be strengthened, against the likes of ‘Barons’ like Mr Len McCluskey (actually, I do not like him much, myself), things have to be sourced overseas, because the greed of workers has ‘priced them out of the market’.) Another strategy is to ‘bribe’ groups and individuals such as the DUP or Labour MPs in ‘leave voting contituencies’ with some pork barrel politicking – classic divide and rule. Or, they could follow what Mr Viktor Orban has done in Hungary, having cast out immigrant labour, passing legislation to enable employers to force native Hungarians to do compulsory overtime, but NOT at the traditional premiums of ‘time and a half’ or ‘double time’. Everyone has to play her or his part in this ‘national crisis’.

    Yes,another good example, Mr Robertson of showing the propagandist nature of BBC Scotland.

    PS there was an example this morning when Ms Gillian Marles interviews an SNP MSP for the Ferguslie Park area in the context of reported falling life expectancy (a Scotland baaaaad story to be pounced on). When he widened the argument to the impact of austerity and the need for Hollywood to have more powers over taxation and social security to be able to mitigate the effects of poverty, Ms Marles replied, ‘Of course, you would say that, wouldn’t you, being an SNP MP(sic)’. Thus the argument was dismissed as partisan. Later in the programme in a different item, with a different interviewer the ‘constitutional expert on devolution’ (and unionist shill), Mr Alan Trench referred back to the interview with the MSP, when stating that ‘devolution has gone as far as it should’. I do not think such things are unplanned. This is a propaganda organisation and it is increasingly dropping any pretence at ‘balance’.

    Sadly, it still strikes chords – yesterday I heard two pretty savvy women, bewailing the chaos of Svotrail and quoting the recent decontextualised figures about 46 cancellations a day ….. out of several thousand daily services.

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