Anti-Semitic incidents 6 times higher across UK than in Scotland



In 2018, there were 1 652 anti-Semitic incidents reported to the CST altogether across the UK. For a population of 67 million, that’s one for every 40 556 people in the UK. There were 21 such incidents in Scotland. For a population of 5.4 million, that’s one for every 257 142 people in Scotland. So, roughly, the frequency of anti-Semitic incidents across the UK is more than six times higher than it is in Scotland

The figure for Scotland is up from 16 in 2017. In Scotland, there were no violent incidents other than one case of a woman spat at in street and one case of a brick thrown at the reinforced glass door of an empty building. Most incidents consisted of offensive email messages. There had been 123 violent incidents elsewhere in the UK.

Media reporting, of course, made no distinction between Scotland and other parts of the UK.


Earlier this year, the Glasgow Herald had tried to make more of the problem with this:




4 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic incidents 6 times higher across UK than in Scotland

  1. Contrary February 7, 2019 / 7:50 pm

    I reckon you should have worded the title the other way round! Far too negative sounding when you say ‘6 times higher’ on negative behaviour – Scotland 6x less incidents than the uk, or something?

    Did you watch the first ministers talk in Georgetown? I’ve still to hunt down her talk in the UN. Anyway, here it is for anyone that missed it – she fairly rattles through it, packs in a lot of info, and of course it’s aimed at an American audience and had a lot of brexity stuff – but it is good to know our representatives are talking up Scotland, it’s such a rare thing to see:

    First ministers speech Georgetown university

    I think I’m making progress turning a work colleague to the righteous path, I’m coming at it sideways and chipping away, talking about perceptions and how people form opinions but then justify those opinions with blather, and of course indicating how superior Scottish people are at debate and tolerance than them down south.

    Have you noticed how hostile people are to each other in England – it’s like they’ve coalesced into a big parody of the House of Commons but divided by the remain/leave thing, each as rabid as the other? It’s true the population emulates its leaders isn’t it? Where are the compromises and conversations to try and find a middle ground? Yeah yeah, too many unanswerable questions.


    • Contrary February 7, 2019 / 8:06 pm

      ,,, “the social contract between people and their government” – you know what, I think I’d like a legal contract there, so that any representatives could be held accountable for their decisions and performance. Maybe one day, sigh.


  2. Contrary February 7, 2019 / 8:55 pm

    Sinn Fein reaction to Theresa May’s visit to Northern Ireland. It is fairly clear, I think, in the normal meaning of the word clear, that she wasn’t well received, or appreciated. They don’t play politics in NI. (Via phantom power Twitter, apparently the BBC missed out the last but about a referendum on Irish unity)


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